Letter #283: Finally…

July 11, 2011

Dear blog,

Today is finally the day you’ve been waiting to happen. I’ve been talking about it for far too long, but today I’m launching your new look and address. Today is the day that lettersforlindsay.com comes to life!

Click here to visit there and forevermore this is the website you will enter.




Letter #282: The Deep…

July 10, 2011

Dear conversation,

You make me tick. If I didn’t already know, then I do now…I am recharged by you. I look forward to who I get to talk to and engage with each day. However in the midst of you, I long for depth. I struggle with shallow conversation. Let me rephrase: I love to joke around and laugh with people, but I would rather dive into a deep conversation and hear about what someone’s learning or dealing with than their pet or major any day.

Yesterday I ended up getting to have about six of you that got me fired up. Some were about struggles, others about the true definition of a guy being a spiritual leader. Some were about going back to school and making a difference, others about the hilarity of campers! My favorite of them all was the fact that I had three individual conversations with counselors who are fired up about knowing their Bible better and are actively trying to figure out how to study for themselves. If there is one thing I would hope staff would take away from their time at K-West, it would be for them to know truth for themselves rather than what they’ve been told their whole lives.

It’s normal for me to get fired up when I’m in the middle of you, but I was fired up and excited in the midst of these conversations. College aged girls are acknowledging their inadequacies and desiring to obtain wisdom. Getting to talk through this desire and what to do with it has definitely been a highlight of my summer thus far. If even just one of them takes advantage of their college years to really get a grasp on Scripture, they will have been more successful with their time than I was in college. My prayer for them is that they would continue to long for Scripture and apply it to their every day lives.

Grateful for you on so many levels,

Deep Conversation Lover


Letter #281: Slip n’ Slide Fun!

July 9, 2011

Dear camp,

There are many reasons that I love you, but moments like this have to be at the top of the list! Moments when you just get to be a kid, let loose and have a blast in the midst of campers. Today was one of those days. Slip n’ slide instead of specialties for basketball and tennis (yes, I’ve become quite the tennis teacher this summer!). The campers LOVED it, but the staff and I probably loved it just as much.

Abbey and I on the starting blocks with sheer intimidation in our eyes!

Abbey missed the start; I tried to stop mid run; result: falling flat on my rear and head!

I made it all the way down solo!

I sprinted up the hill for round 2!

Abbey took the lead and the win...

Obviously I wasn't to mad about losing because it's that awesome!!!

This was my first run of the summer on the newest addition to the Lampe camps. I’ve learned that I really LOVE having fun. I may be intense about life at times, but I genuinely just love to be a kid at heart and have fun! Make sure you go out and have some fun this summer!

Of course I would wipe out on the slip n’ slide,

Fun Lover


Letter #280: Mdub!

July 8, 2011

Dear concerts,

I’ve experienced more of you this summer than ever anticipated! Last term Lecrae came, and last night Micheal W. Smith put on a super fun show! Now, I have to be honest and say that outside of the token graduation song, “Friends are Friends Forever,” I didn’t know who Mdub was before I got to camp. I didn’t grow up on Christian pop tunes, but a ton of people my age did.

It’s also important to clarify that many of our campers probably have no idea who Mbud is because, well, they don’t even know who N’Sync is. However, Mdub has been writing camp theme songs for years, so if nothing else they’ve heard those. Honestly, I don’t think it would matter who was on stage…the majority of our kids would have a blast. And of course I just danced the night away and had a truckload of fun! Oh, and this whole social media gig gives me the right to get on stage to film…hilarious! 

Mdub, thanks for coming! It’s always fun to change up our schedule and have be crazy for an evening. I always want to attend another one of you…you’ve given me the concert bug…who will it be?!

I may have missed out my first 19 years of life, but I’m now an Mdub fan,

Concert Enthusiast


Letter #279: Life…Ready or Not.

July 7, 2011

Dear life,

You are a plethora of things. Fun. Hard. Funny. Complicated. Easy. And SO much more. However, when push comes to shove, this quote basically sums you up in my book.

“Be the kind of woman who, when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the Devil says, OH NO, she’s up.”

I’m on my day off and when I checked my Facebook this quote was on my wall from my sweet sister who said it reminded her of me. Super thoughtful of her and entirely humbling. It forced me to evaluate if it was even remotely true about me. It forced me to think through what I’m doing with you.

Today, I am challenged by this quote. Does my life make Satan uneasy or does he care less because I’m not impacting people for Christ?

Jamie, thanks for the encouragement and challenge. Lord, forgive me for not always being a threat to the Devil. Devil, you are my nemesis…here’s to a lifetime of battles.

Committed to waking up ready,

Challenge Accepter


Letter #278: STAMPEDE!!!

July 6, 2011

Dear Stampede,

Last night was the 33rd K-West Western Party I’ve been in attendance of and you haven’t gotten old yet! This is our staple party we have every term, every summer. Campers love it, staff really love it and we’re K-West so it makes sense for us to have a western party! I’m convinced a big reason is that middle schoolers get to dance with boys, but hey, as long as they’re having fun who cares!  Two-steppin’, watermelon eatin’, root beer drinkin’, line dancin’ and picture takin’…what more could you ask for?!

Me, just being me!

Here’s a bit of a glimpse into my ‘western world!’

Kyle and I being ridiculous about something at dinner!

Two of my favs...check that sunset!

One of my favorite campers ever!!

Thanks for providing a super fun day at camp and great picture opportunities!

Loved the change in music selection this day and an excuse to actually get dressed at camp (you would’ve thought the world ended when people saw me…not sure if this is a good or bad thing?!),

Western Party Lover


Letter #277: Camp People

July 5, 2011

Dear camp,

You are comprised of some good people…some really fun people! Thanks for allowing me to work at you with these folks. Thanks that they challenge and encourage me in ways they’ll never know. Thanks that I have the opportunity to work alongside them. Thanks for creating a K-West family to get to do three months out of the year with. Thanks for teaching me so much about life through these people. Maybe most importantly, thanks for the ample time to shower so I look awesome in ALL camp photos (insert sarcasm here!!!)!

All Komo staff at the 4th of July picnic...

Until next time,