Letter #3: Friends for Life

October 3, 2010

Dear friends and family from life not connected to camp,

As I have found my home in Branson and my next step with Kanakuk Kamps, our paths don’t cross daily. However, know I think of you often. I am grateful for the memories we have made over the years and the friendships that will continue in the future (even if it is from afar). I’ll never forget my tomboy days that wouldn’t have been the same without you to play with, my (BMOC days as this guy likes me to call them) athletic days that couldn’t have happened without my teammates, my college days of pomping and beach vacations that wouldn’t have been the same without fun friends who also reminded me to study!

There may be some things I write about in these letters that you don’t fully understand, but there will be plenty of things in here for you as well. You have played vital roles in the woman I am today. This blog is mainly for me, but I’d love for it to allow me to keep up with friends I don’t get to see and interact with daily as well. It may even help you answer some of the questions we all ask about one another: “Now, what is she doing these days? Is she dating anybody yet? Who does she work for? I wonder if she’s gained weight? Where does she live…maybe it’s a great vacation spot? (You know you’ve thought at least some of these!).”

I look forward to keeping up with you guys and pray for many more years of friendship. If this blogging thing helps in this process, then it will have served a much greater purpose than I could ever have imagined.

Grateful the Internet keeps us connected,

Your tomboy, (BMOC), academically distracted friend/family member



  1. What is BMOC???

  2. “Did she gain weight?”
    …classic Rother quote.

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