Letter #5: Project Runway-College Style

October 5, 2010

Dear college campuses I’ll be visiting this year,

I’ll bleed orange until the day I die for my Oklahoma State Cowboys, but my years at camp have enlightened me to the plethora of great colleges out there.

Our staff is typically comprised of several Auburn and Baylor students, many of which have become some of my dear friends.

My co-counselors, both of whom were awesome, from LONG ago were from Vanderbilt and Westmont College.

The love that many Kanakuk directors have for both the University of Kansas and Arkansas sparked interest in me for these schools.

The list could go on and on, but on football Saturdays, I often find myself pulling for schools I hadn’t even heard of five years ago. I check scores outside of the Big XII just to see if friends are excited about their alma mater’s win or upset because they lost. Camp has broadened my perspective on a ton of things in life, but college is one I never expected.

So, as I travel from campus to campus, I’ve set a goal. I hope to obtain a piece of paraphernalia (big word that just means shirts, shorts, sweats, etc.) from as many campuses I visit as possible without purchasing any of them.

This is a lofty goal and might be a complete flop, but Lord knows I had enough OSU stuff to outfit an army when I was in college. I would have helped someone fulfill a goal like this in a heartbeat. So, I thought, why not give it a shot?!

I’ll cheer for the Tennessee Vols because Kyle Bisese goes there (Peyton Manning doesn’t hurt either); I’ll even attempt to figure out how War Eagle connects with the Tigers of Auburn (still a mystery to me?!); I’m afraid to admit this, but I even like to see the Sooners win IF AND ONLY IF it’s not Bedlam; but how much more exciting would it be if I could root for your team while wearing your school colors?!

How can YOU help make this happen?!


Your newest “model” you must outfit


  1. Haha. I saw this a few minutes before you posted it as your Facebook status. I can’t not assist people in making their dreams come true. Ask Benage. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you tonight!!

  2. […] are the first school to fulfill my lofty traveling goal, and I have the pictures to prove it! Thanks to the K-West dream-maker, I’ll be reppin’ the […]

  3. […] also like to point out that I’m two for two in my traveling goal challenge (check out my goal here). Never in a million years did I think I’d get to be a model, but this week I have become a […]

  4. […] that my sweet A&M friends made a point to send me off to Waco with an A&M t-shirt. The traveling goal is now three for three! In case you were unaware, you have some stellar students. It warmed my soul […]

  5. […] at top of post). Each shirt was wrapped in tissue and labeled with purpose. Not only has my traveling goal made it to four out of four schools, but you also made me feel extremely loved. I look forward to reppin’ you in the real […]

  6. […] Crimson on my way to Norman debating whether or not I can go 5 for 5 on the traveling challenge…I ruled OSU out since I already have items…and if I can bring myself to wear it if I […]

  7. […] think I may have even been willing to wear one of your shirts if I’d had the chance. With my traveling goal at 4 out of 5, I didn’t have to face this dilemma. Regardless of my thoughts on your campus, you have some […]

  8. […] traveling goal is to obtain a piece of paraphernalia from as many schools I travel to as possible-check out why.) I was able to acquire a purple and gold Eagles t-shirt…thank you for contributing to my […]

  9. […] your campus, but you are my friend from the Kanakuk Institute’s Alma mater. She’s aware of my traveling goal, called a friend and worked a connection for me. As I finished up an interview in your Student […]

  10. […] And yes, another clutch score in my traveling challenge…this time, a rare Shocker track shirt! My new friend, Autumn, puts me at 8 for 12 in the traveling challenge! […]

  11. […] caught up in the office, I’m excited for the adventures that lie ahead for us and to begin my traveling challenge again (I’m sitting at 11 for 16…my random idea and graciousness of my friends have become […]

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