Letter #11: Fried Capital of the World

October 11, 2010

Dear Dallas weekend and specifically the Texas State Fair,

You have proclaimed yourself “the largest fair in the world,” and after attending today, I can believe it. Growing up in Oklahoma I’ve heard about you my entire life, but yesterday I went for the first time at the age of 23.

In the process of my mere hours of being at the fair, I may have taken days, if not years, off of my life. Why on earth does salad, ice cream and PB&J need to be fried?! Who knows, but if I was going to the fair I was going to do it right. Fried pizza-good, fried cookie dough-unbelievably good (below), and a Lemon Chill later: my classic fair favorite, I had experienced enough of the fried sensations.

Nevertheless, your endless sea of booths didn’t stop me from finding the free samples while we were there. I know, I know, this is shocking. Yeah right, my friends love to make fun of me for how cheap I am, but I say maximize every opportunity to save a dime! Thanks for broadening my taste buds today.

You offered me two random blessings this weekend on top of a great time with friends and the fair:

  1. My sweet friend from OSU (this girl-below pic) was in town with her family for the Razorback game. In the process of figuring out when we could see each other, she invited me to dinner with her family at Texas de Brazil. I’d never been before, and my mind was blown. Maybe the best restaurant I’ve ever eaten especially after being on the road eating granola bars for the past week! Precious family. Priceless stories. Stellar catch up.
  2. A free ticket to the fair. Thanks for valuing education and offering teachers’ free tickets. Even more grateful for the teacher who wasn’t going and gave me hers because she knew I wasn’t making a ton of money. Allowed me to visit you for $14 including a ride on your public transit-The DART!

Lastly, thanks for this photo and what it made me think about while waiting for the DART. Check out this old, run down building literally neighboring this ridiculously large and exquisite sky scraper. This sums up America. Dirt poor living life this close to the filthy rich. You pulled my heartstrings. I’m not saying we need to enable people any more than we already have, but how can I do my part to alleviate that gap. How can I be the feet of Jesus while aiding and empowering the poor? After a fun day at the fair, this was my deep thought and conviction.

Loved seeing Big Tex, Cotton Bowl Stadium and finally gaining the Texas State Fair experience. Enjoyed my friends and down time even more. Dallas, I like you enough that I could live here one day.

For now: until next time,

Exhausted fair attender hoping the grease leaves my arteries quickly



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