Letter #13: 10 Reasons I Love Branson

October 13, 2010

Dear Branson,

Never in a thousand years did I dream you would be my home…twice, and never in a million years did I think I’d legitimately miss you. Confession: I really do miss you. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. My neighbors: Shoji, Yakov and Kirby.
  2. My office: working out of a canvas bag in random campus locations isn’t bad, but I miss all my friends from the office…Michelle Snowden, Vickie Long, Trish Helsel and so many more.
  3. Eating semi healthy: it’s so much easier to do when I’m grocery shopping and not eating out two meals a day (not complaining, I get to eat at all the local joints you here stories about).
  4. Jammin’ out in my car: I spend ALOT of time in a vehicle getting from school to school, but I can’t exactly belt it in a 15 passenger van like I do in my car.
  5. Jennifer ‘Reno’ Farley and our blog conversations: this girl was a big inspiration for me even starting this thing. She’s passionate about the Word and people knowing it. She’s committed to blogging her K-1 staff through the book of Matthew. Check it out here…it’s really good stuff.
  6. My apartment: having your own space is a huge blessing and my new bed and couch are calling my name!
  7. Meetings: I’m lame, I’ll admit it. I hate being unaware of what is happening in the office as I’m on the road. Disclaimer: Good communication allows me to operate well, and I currently live in a state where I’m lucky to get to check my Twitter let alone have a conversation.
  8. Running at the Branson Landing: really running in general…hardly any time to work out (this coupled with #3…scary).
  9. The community: I have been far too blessed by the community surrounding me in my new home. Between old Institute friends from last year, new Institute students in this class and the families that invite me to hang out with them, I genuinely miss the relationships I have in Shady B.
  10. The paparazzi: in case you’re wondering, no I haven’t gotten famous; however, this has become Melissa Houston’s, mom of where I live, nickname for her kids. Everyday when I come home from work, there are four little friends ready and waiting to play and hang out with me. Talk about fun doors to walk into each day.

Just a few reasons why I miss you. I head to Waco today (Sic ‘em excited), but I’ll see you on Friday! Thanks for teaching me to genuinely love living in your town and for the great community you’ve placed around me.

See ya in a couple days,

Long lost resident



One comment

  1. […] signs on the front door, my heart literally leapt with joy. I live with this sweet family and the paparazzi, and they made this and had it waiting for my arrival! You are my first home away from home outside […]

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