Letter #14: I Highly Recommend…

October 14, 2010

Dear blogging daily,

I knew you were going to be quite the commitment, but you are far more difficult than I ever dreamed especially because of the lifestyle I am leading. On the road for nearly two weeks, and I’m basically working or with people from 8 a.m. until at least midnight. As you can see, this leaves me a very small amount of time for you. Here I am complaining, and I’ve only done this for 13-14 days.

I admire you. I admire the people who have committed to you for a significant period of time. I admire the faithfulness shown through this commitment. Some of my dearest friends in the world committed to you about five months ago. They haven’t missed yet. They also decided to have a surprise wedding. On June 5th, I drove to Hennessey, OK to what I thought was going to be an engagement party. Turned out, my sweet friends had been engaged for six months, told nobody and got hitched that day with their closest family and friends to be part of it. Yes, you read me correctly…engaged for six months with no flaunting of a ring, no stressing out about bridesmaid dresses and no arguments about how much to spend on the wedding.

My friends chose to pursue Christ in their engagement rather than what the world tells us to focus on: the event of a wedding. Individually, Kyle and Jen exude Christ in ways I’ll never attain. They see the Lord clearly and in every aspect of their lives. Together, they make up ‘Our Marriage Project’, and they are able to seek Christ even better. They’ve done it right. They pursue Christ first, then they pursue their number two. I’m not saying everyone needs to have a surprise wedding. I am telling you this is an unbelievable story (many of you have heard me share my version at some point), and your heart will be warmed and challenged if you choose to be a part of it.

On their wedding day, they chose to commit to you and blog daily. Some days it’s Jen, others it’s Kyle. Some are hilarious, others will make you tear up. Most will make you question some aspect of your life and challenge you like no other. I haven’t mastered this whole daily thing yet, but they have. Check out their story (the whole wedding, engagement and reasons they did it secretly is at the beginning of the posts), their triumphs, their struggles. This is a blog you won’t regret checking out.

As for me, I’m still working on making you a habit in my life and finding the time to do it. A&M pictures and thoughts will come soon; for now, these guys are way better writers than me.


Struggling blogger


One comment

  1. Not “struggling blogger”…”aspiring leader” is more like it.

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