Letter #15: WHOOP…Gig ’em!

October 15, 2010

Dear Texas A&M,

Being a member of the Big XII, I’ve heard a ton about you. I always LOVED when your band came to the OSU vs. A&M game, but I wasn’t quite sure what I would think about you in real life.

College Station is WAY bigger than anticipated. Who knew you weren’t just a college in the middle of nowhere? I was told I must eat at Freebird’s (the original) and Layne’s while in town…..if you haven’t figured out by now, dining destinations are a high priority on my traveling adventures.

**Here’s my interning buddy and I at the infamous Freebird’s (Chipotle or Qdoba?! Doesn’t matter, both are better!). This is probably who I spend the most time with in life currently. She’s great.**

I’ve heard about Kyle Field: Home of the 12th Man for far too long, but my trip allowed me to not only see you but to stand on you. Visited ‘Breakaway,’ A&M’s massive campus ministry, and got to hear Ben Stuart speak (of course, just my luck, the topic was sex) and Jeff Johnson lead worship. I had to stop and take in the panoramic view of thousands of college students seeking truth in Kyle Field. Thankful for the chance to see this ministry in action.

You let me knock an item off my bucket list too…riding a motorcycle with Zach Hodge. Riding a motorcycle was on my list…not specifically with Zach; he just made it happen with the Harley! SO much fun!!

I will never understand all of your tradition and ritual (yells, push, pull out, good bull, bad bull…), but I did learn there are two types of Aggies…a 2% (mediocre) or a ‘red ass’ (die hard Aggie). There’s no middle ground…talk about biblical allusion. I really will never understand ‘The Core’ (laugh hysterically every time I think about Clay Ford being in it), but I did get to experience the Quad. Of course I stopped this random guy to complete my experience.

Really appreciated getting to see the bonfire memorial. I studied how A&M handled the public relations after the bonfire fell, so it was awesome to see my education in real life. The real question: will the bonfire get to return to campus anytime soon?

Lastly, I would like to announce that my sweet A&M friends made a point to send me off to Waco with an A&M t-shirt. The traveling goal is now three for three! In case you were unaware, you have some stellar students. It warmed my soul to get to spend time with my friends and see your campus…bad news though: your campus is in dead last for prettiest campus.

Whoop and Gig ‘Em,

I would’ve been a 2% in your world






  1. It’s the Corps. Gosh that’s bad bull you 2%er. Haha so glad we got to hang out!

  2. Even more proof that I’d be a 2%er. Thanks for calling me out…Miss ya friend!

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