Letter #16: Sic ’em Bears!

October 16, 2010

Dear Baylor,

You were the perfect ending to two weeks of travel. You kow better than anyone that K-West is filled with your students, so it was real fun to catch up with so many friends. Every summer, your students try to overtake flag chants and brainwash campers to love you. Outwardly, we all hate this. Inwardly, we probably really wish we could be just as loud.

You are the Alma mater of a ton of my friends, so I loved getting to experience you for myself. You have a pretty campus too (definitely beating A&M in this department). I am fascinated by this thing you call ‘Dr. Pepper Hour.’ Did you know Dr. Pepper was invented in Waco?! There is even a museum there! Once a week for an hour, campus gives away Dr. Pepper floats. If only I could have visited you on a Tuesday!

I visited a few of your local establishments…Schmaltz’s (the company was the best part about this place), Food for Thought (awesome black bean burritos-I can go meatless?!),  Congress Clothing (way cute shirts!) and a run through Cameron Park (beautiful…you don’t feel like Texas.). I also loved getting a glimpse into Waco K-Life and this girl’s everyday life. She’s unbelievable at her job and even more so at life.

For whatever reason, K-West has been blessed with a large number of your students, and they blessed me this week during my visit. Most importantly, you have phenomenal students with great hearts. Thanks for allowing me to visit you so I could catch up with friends who encourage, challenge and bless me. They also put together the sweetest gift bag for me (pictured at top of post). Each shirt was wrapped in tissue and labeled with purpose. Not only has my traveling goal made it to four out of four schools, but you also made me feel extremely loved. I look forward to reppin’ you in the real world….ahhhh, sic ‘em Bears!

Solid time with solid friends at your campus as well as for the past two weeks of travels, but I am truly thankful to have a weekend in Branson.

Did I really admit your flag cheer is enjoyable…have I lost my mind?!


Big fan of the people in your city


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