Letter #17: “There’s No Place Like Home”

October 17, 2010

Dear Home Sweet Home,

On October 4, I set out on my first of many traveling journeys. Baptism by fire would be my word choice for my first endeavor. I interviewed 39 potential staff, spent time and made memories with so many fun staff/friends, experienced new campuses and restaurants and quickly learned how to live life on the road.

I wouldn’t trade my first two weeks of travel for the world, but October 15 came at the perfect time. I will never take ‘home’ for granted again after living out of a suitcase. There is just something about having space (whatever size, shape or status it may be) of your own. I am unbelievably grateful for the friends who opened their homes to me and for the hotels provided for me, but like Dorothy tells us, “There’s no place like home.”

When the Kanakuk 15 passenger drove up to my home, I was excited to be there. When I saw the ‘Welcome Home Lindsay’ signs on the front door, my heart literally leapt with joy. I live with this sweet family and the paparazzi, and they made this and had it waiting for my arrival! You are my first home away from home outside of college and the Institute, and I could not be more grateful for you!

I’m leaving again on Monday for more traveling adventures. Here’s where I’m headed for the next couple weeks:

  • Oct. 18-20: Oklahoma State University…my Alma mater…Go Pokes!
  • Oct. 20-22: University of Oklahoma…Can’t bring myself to type your cheer.
  • Oct. 22: OSU Homecoming Walkarounds…largest HoCo in the nation!
  • Oct. 23: Back to Branson to connect with Ward Wiebe and hit the road again.
  • Oct. 24-25: University of Tennessee…Go Vols!
  • Oct. 25-26: Tennessee Tech
  • Oct. 26-27: Carson Newman
  • Oct. 27-28: Lee University

As much as I love being home, I’m excited to get out on the road again. I look forward to seeing fun friends and interviewing new folks. In the meantime, it’s really fun to run into this elite K-West crew at Vintage Paris while reuniting with these friends from the Institute.

Grateful for my home,

Shameless homebody for the weekend



  1. I am hopelessly addicted to your blog…I love it!

    • Thanks for the encouragement…hope it doesn’t disappoint. Can’t wait to travel together in a couple weeks!

  2. what a BEAUTIFUL little t-shirt you are wearing in the pic with the wiebes/lex! p.s. I FINALLY MADE THE BLOG WHAAAAT?

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