Letter #21: OSU 1 of 2

October 21, 2010

Dear OSU,

It was SO good to be back in your midst. As I was driving by and walking through campus and Stillwater, unforgettable memories were flashing through my mind. To this day, you still feel like home; however, you were definitely missing some major players from time there. I became the woman I am today in Stillwater, and it’s strange being there without the people who made you some of the best years of my life.

Several of my memories are rooted in the Kappa Delta house and my days spent there. Upon arrival, I went back to the house for dinner…I was the ‘New Member Educator: i.e. Pledge Trainer’ my junior year. My ‘pledge babies’ are seniors now…how is that even possible?! This was one of my favorite positions to hold in college, and these women are why.

I don’t think I’d been back to the house since I graduated. I walked into the dining room and received the most divided response I’ve ever seen. Half the room is standing, clapping with excitement; the other half is in utter confusion as to who I am. Sweetest and most awkward entrance into a room ever. Precious time catching up and hearing about these sweet girls’ lives and seeing how they are making a difference in the world. Let’s just be honest in this moment: I LOVED my KD days! I was highly involved and appreciated my time in the house more than most. With that being said, somehow I ended up staying for chapter and making an announcement about Kanakuk…who am I?! In the words of my G-little who expected nothing less from me: “And she’s back!”

You also allowed me to eat at one of my favorite restaurants in the world…Thai Cafe. I honestly believe their coconut crusted chicken might be the best chicken I’ve ever eaten. More important than the food though, I got to eat with these two K-West legends! They’re Thetas, so of course I had to be kited in front of their house for this picture!

OSU, you were SO good to me that I must write you two letters. Tomorrow, I will share the rest of my adventures. In the mean time, I’m doing my best to swallow my OSU pride to maximize my time at OU. The good news is….the people here make up for my Bedlam distaste for this place!

Go Pokes!

Loyal OSU fan


One comment

  1. So sad I missed this… I have class on Monday nights! I am loving reading your blog!

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