Letter #22: OSU Part 2 of 2

October 22, 2010

Dear OSU,

Today, I write to you with a heavy heart. I’m missing America’s greatest Homecoming. My traveling adventures have taken me back to Branson to hit the road again Sunday morning. If I had been in a random location this week, it wouldn’t have phased me, but I was SO close to you. Nevertheless, I have come to the conclusion that at some point I can’t do everything and that I must grow up. Happy Homecoming today friends…bad news: it’s raining in Oklahoma. Rain + tissue paper = bad. You’ve never failed me before OSU…let the problem solving begin!

I did get a small taste of Homecoming during my time with you. I LOVE when the fountain turns orange for Homecoming! This is my sweet Little and I embracing the beauty!

All sadness and even bitterness aside, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Stillwater. I got to eat at some of my favorite places…Old School Bagel, Thai Cafe and of course Hideaway Pizza! Hideaway is known for their delicious pizza and their eccentric employees, so Kayla and I had to take our picture with dread man!

You allowed me to spend time with the one and only K-West legend, Spook! Real estate during the year, Kanakuk during the summer, this woman has a ton to teach me!

Since I graduated in ’09, I was feeling a little old journeying through campus. Ran into Katelyn at Overflow who is my age and felt much better about myself! She’s graduating in December and going on to be a camp director…talk about living the dream!

I spent a many of Tuesday nights at Overflow, campus wide praise and worship night, in college. Thousands of college students come and sing praises to the Lord. It started about 12 years ago with a few guys and has grown to thousands. Neat story. Neat way to worship. Spent my Tuesday night here and was pleasantly surprised by a guest appearance from Shane and Shane. Of course, I got the picture to document the moment! Can we talk about my past two Tuesdays…Breakaway at A&M with Jeff Johnson and Ben Stuart followed by Overflow at OSU with Shane and Shane…my life is fun!

Finally, you allowed me to spend some great time with my dear friend Laine from the Kanakuk Institute who is impacting lives in big ways at LifeChurch Stillwater. I also got to get my favorite Aspen Coffee drink…frozen hot chocolate!

OSU, I am forever grateful for you. For the education. For growing me up. For solid friends. For the memories. You name it, I probably learned something from you or have some memory of it because of my four years spent with you. Thanks for a sweet couple days reminiscing and reconnecting.

Missing Homecoming,

Bleeder of orange


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