Letter #23: Boomer Soo…

October 23, 2010

Dear OU,

As I left “God’s country: Stillwater, America,” I had to prepare myself to enter my least favorite place in Oklahoma: ‘Sooner Nation’ in the right state of mind. I swallowed my OSU pride, even wore crimson and made the most of my time on your campus, and I was pleasantly surprised by my experience.

Being a Cowboy, dislike and maybe even hatred for you has been engrained in me. I believed all the rumors about you…campus is too spread out…must dress to a certain status I could never attain…your students and campus is rude and unfriendly. You proved me wrong. Every encounter I had was pleasant, and your campus was beautiful. I’m still not convinced my college attire of t-shirts and Chacos would fit in with what I saw on Campus Corner, but you definitely weren’t as ‘uppity’ as I expected.

First stop, Classic 50’s with two of my favorite co-workers. We’ve all heard of the freshman 15. In hopes of avoiding the ‘traveling 10,’ I opted out of a classic ice cream. Maybe next time.

I got to experience some staple Norman restaurants: Ted’s (Oklahoma Mexican-great queso, salsa and tortillas; mediocre food), Victoria’s Pasta (great service, good food, better company), Crimson and Whipped Cream (awesome t-shirts, overpriced cupcakes, great atmosphere)

and your local cafeteria. I was told to eat at ‘the Caf’ by multiple people before arriving, and they were correct! Thanks to my sweet cousin, I got to experience a feast…basically, we celebrated Rother Thanksgiving early where I ate a ton and she laughed at me!

Walking through your Union, I randomly ran into a childhood friend. Our world is hilariously small. Snapped a quick picture with the phone booths…why are these all over your campus?!

Just because I decided I don’t dislike you, doesn’t mean I’m a die hard fan. I had to figure out some way to show my ‘Poke Pride.” I was told your Clock Tower has a legend of not graduating in four years if you walk under it so nobody ever walks under it. I, of course, walked under it and held up my guns…GO POKES!!

OU, you really aren’t too bad of a place…I think I may have even been willing to wear one of your shirts if I’d had the chance. With my traveling goal at 4 out of 5, I didn’t have to face this dilemma. Regardless of my thoughts on your campus, you have some phenomenal students. Time with these friends was a sweet, sweet blessing this week.

Thanks for broadening my perspective on you, but also know you will forever be my rival…I just may have a better taste in my mouth about you in the process.

Boomer Soo….actually, I still can’t bring myself to say this,

Cowboy for Life



  1. I rock tshirts and chacos on a daily basis. Get ova yoself ya pokey! It was great to see you…so glad we snapped that last quick shot! Misss yoouu already linds!

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