Letter #24: First Time ‘Home’ Renter

October 24, 2010

Dear Apartment,

You have been good to me and are my home, but my question has been, “How do I make you feel like home?” I moved in the beginning of September and slept on a twin with camp bedding and watched TV from someone else’s couch while it sat on the floor. I’m not complaining one bit, but my life didn’t seem settled. So to answer my question, I began searching for furniture to make you home while keeping my budget in mind.

Last year, I acquired a couch from my generous neighbors who were getting a new one. I knew I’d need it eventually and my dad graciously stored it until I needed it. I began scowling Craig’s List for good deals. I wanted to find some great buys and furnish you with furniture I could use now and later on in an actual house. After weeks of searching, my mom stumbled across an unreal bargain on a bedroom suit with an unused mattress (Cheers to no bed bugs!). Then to top it off, I found the deal of a lifetime at a garage sale on my dining room table. For 40 bucks, I can finally eat and work at a table, and it’s a piece I’ll keep around for a long time. The only problem was all my purchases were in Oklahoma.

For a month, you were my apartment. After my sweet parents brought a U-haul full of my stuff, you are now my home. I was able to furnish you because I worked hard and saved over the years to have the few things I have now. I have taken good care of the things I’ve been given over the years, so I can still use them now. My bedding is from my freshman year of college and many of the decorations (the piles on my floor that I will eventually use when I’m in Branson for more than two days at a time) I’ve received as gifts or have had for years.

I’ve even managed to rid my real life dwelling place of my camp life essentials except for my plastic drawers. The one piece of furniture I’m still looking for is a desk that can double as a night stand to put in front of my window. I’m hoping to stumble upon a good deal or build one to my liking. Besides this, you are fully furnished.

Somehow I’ve managed to make you home without spending much money. I’m definitely not making the big bucks and have to be conscious of my finances. I may rent the basement apartment of another family’s house, but you have quickly become my home. Now, I just need some assistance in the decorating department!


Thankful for my home,

First time ‘home’ renter



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