Letter #25: Living the Dream

October 25, 2010

Dear living the dream,

The lifestyle I’m living is hectic. In one month, I’ve spent four total days in Branson and three days is the longest I’ve been in one place. Life on the road is more exhausting than I ever imagined and more fun than I ever dreamed. I also love my job more than I ever thought I would.

This is what my job on the road consists of:

  1. Interviewing: I get to meet new people everyday as I’m interviewing them. I get to have 30 minute (let’s be honest, I’m long-winded and go over often) conversations with girls that simply don’t happen on a normal basis. I get to listen to their story, hear their struggles and shower them with encouragement and challenges. Sometimes, I even get to tell them about Jesus and how He saves us from our sins.
  2. Telling people about Kanakuk: I get to share with families and college students alike why kamp is important to me, why I’m passionate about it and how the Lord works in this place. I get to tell people about the place the Lord used to develop me into the woman I am today…I’m not selling some product, I’m a living by-product.
  3. Visiting and reconnecting with kamp staff and friends along the way: I get to hang out with staff, but if we’re honest, they’re really friends that just happened to work at kamp. Time with these people has been more valuable than I ever thought it could be. I have been challenged, encouraged, blessed, loved and valued along the way, and I can only hope and pray some of our staff/my friends feel the same way.

I am living the dream right now…ok, at least my dream. Not to mention, on top of all the serious cool stuff I get to do, I’m having a ton of fun. Memories I’ll have for a lifetime are being made. I laugh LOTS! Heck, I’m even tracking my travels and filling the hole in my wardrobe all my sorority shirts left through the t-shirts friends are giving me of their schools!

I am living you right now. I’m not sure if you really are the dream or if I would be content in any job right now because I’m content in the Lord. Either way, I am so grateful for what I get to do everyday to pay the bills. The Lord’s hand of faithfulness is why I get to live you.


Daily grateful,

Dream Liver




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