Letter #27: Cookeville=Cheddar’s

October 27, 2010

Dear Tennessee Tech,

With four weeks of travel under my belt, I thought I had Kanakuk Movie Tour college shows down. You surprised me! I walked into our show location to see 75+ Kanakuk t-shirts on display from every school and year imaginable. You had a collection anyone with Kamp ties would die for. I thought I was the only person on a t-shirt mission currently, but you put me to shame. (If you haven’t figured it out, my traveling goal is to obtain a piece of paraphernalia from as many schools I travel to as possible-check out why.) I was able to acquire a purple and gold Eagles t-shirt…thank you for contributing to my traveling goal!

We didn’t explore too much in Cookeville. Honestly, we were in your town less than 24 hours. We did manage to make it to Cheddar’s though…twice. I don’t think I’d ever been before. Typically, I’m the advocate for trying all the local, you can only eat here in this town places. I relinquished my opinion for the day and was pleasantly surprised. Great food, reasonable prices and quaint atmosphere…the cookie monster wasn’t bad either, but it sure can’t top my 23rd birthday cake…homemade cookie monster!! Either way, here are some of my favorite people to travel with including Ward Wiebe about to partake in the greatness!

Enjoyed my short visit. It’s been refreshing to see so many solid believers living out their faith on their campus, and you didn’t disappoint in this area. Seeing Kamp friends in real life just never gets old.

Loving the t-shirt mania,

L Train (Ward’s official new nickname for me!)



  1. Cheddars is my absolute favorite! How have you not tried it before?! Sorry I’ve failed you as a big! 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing you in the next week or so…. call me with more details when you know and hopefully we can work out something! love you linds

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