Letter #28: Carson Newman

October 28, 2010

Dear Carson Newman,

I had literally been on your campus for 10 minutes, and what walks by?! Your mascot! Of course, I stopped him for a picture to maximize my Carson Newman experience! Your volleyball team was playing, so I ventured in to watch for a few minutes. The fan support for your athletic teams was mind boggling to me. You have 2,200 students, and I’d guess 350+ were cheering on the players. I can only imagine the turnout for football and basketball. Your students know how to support each other. You have a fun, athletic, supportive feel at your campus, and I like it.

You also landed me my best story for a t-shirt score yet. I don’t know a ton of people at the schools I’m at this week, so I was planning on going 0-for-5 on my challenge. Somehow, I’m 2-for-3. I didn’t know a soul on your campus, but you are my friend from the Kanakuk Institute’s Alma mater. She’s aware of my traveling goal, called a friend and worked a connection for me. As I finished up an interview in your Student Activities Center, I look over to see her friend waiting for me, smirk on face, vintage (modern term for used!) t-shirt in hand. I had met this guy once the night before, yet he brought me a perfectly worn in football shirt…in the state I patiently hope and wait for all my shirts to get to. I instantly died laughing and have yet to hear the end of it from my trail crew. It’s the little things in life that make me smile, and this was one of them! Encouraged by the gracious nature of your students.

You are the epitome thus far of Tennessee autumn. I couldn’t have hand selected a better week to be here. The leaves are turning and falling, and it might be the most beautiful state I’ve experienced autumn in. It’s as if I get to daily walk through a majestic painting…pictures just can’t quite do you justice. I took a few minutes to explore your campus today and stumbled upon this waterfall. Today I’m thanking the Lord for His creation, generous people and you.

I would have played a sport at your school,

Vintage t-shirt connoisseur


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