Letter #29: Fighting the Good Fight

October 29, 2010

Dear priorities,

Why do you get out of whack SO quickly? It doesn’t matter what phase of life I’m in…you are a battle. In high school, my athletic career seemed to get in the way. I had practice, games and a social life to keep up with and felt like I lived on a school bus from August to May. In college, everything imaginable got in your way…runs and walks at Boomer, pomping Homecoming decs, Sonic and Barn runs and intramurals. Every once in a while class even creeped into being a distraction.

I always told myself, “If I could just get to the next phase of life, it will be easier to prioritize.” Hah. I told myself wrong. Here I am in the midst of my rookie year in life, and I’m not hitting at a very good average in your department (clearly with the Rangers at 0-2, they aren’t either…I still believe!). I’m still fighting the battle, it’s just a different opponent. Now, I’m battling my job, blogging and time with people and live my life in a 15 passenger Kanakuk van.

For whatever reason, probably my sin nature, I tend to throw out the most important thing when life gets crazy. My time with the Lord should be the most valuable thing in my life. It is one of two things that have eternal value: the Word of God and people’s souls. I know this. I believe it. Yet, it tends to be the first thing I throw out of my day.

In my current lifestyle, I’m consumed by people. I’m burning both ends of the candlestick (young readers, this means I don’t sleep much). And, while this blog has been fun, it’s testing my loyalties. I am fighting for time in the Word. At 15, 18 and 21, I thought keeping you in line would get easier. It doesn’t. The world is always going to try to distract us, and it comes back to my discipline and whether or not I really care. I’ve never taken the test to discover my love language, but I’m pretty sure quality time would  be up there…ok, let’s be honest, I love gifts, acts of service and words of affirmation as well! Nevertheless, if I long for the people I care about to spend time with me, then I better be ready to give my time too. I say the Lord is my priority, but my time doesn’t always reflect that. Somehow, sleep, work and people seem to win out.

I’m working on you currently. My prayer is that you and my life would line up with Matthew 6:21-”for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” My treasure definitely isn’t finances, but I do have 24 hours a day to work with. I’m going to keep fighting because I’ve learned the world is never going to make you easy. I’m going to be disciplined and improve my batting average (and hopefully the Rangers will too!).


Worth the fight,

Lover of quality time



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