Letter #32: Tracking My Travels

November 1, 2010

Dear personal odometer,

Ten days later and I’ve added 2495.6 more miles on you since our last pit stop. This puts me at 5,066.3 miles with four weeks of travel under my belt. I’ve increased our stock to 10 states and about 195 miles per day.

341.9 miles: University of Oklahoma (Norman)-Branson

635.1 miles: Branson-University of Tennesse (Knoxville)

103.2 miles: UT-Tennessee Tech (Cookeville)

131.6 miles: Tenn. Tech-Carson Newman (Jefferson City)

110.3 miles: Carson Newman-Lee University (Cleveland)

43.9 miles: Lee-Chattanooga, TN

11.6 miles: Chattanooga-Covenant College (Lookout Mountain, Georgia-most gorgeous place ever)

599.8 miles: Covenant to Branson (to enjoy my home for 16 hours)

402.7 miles: Branson to Minneapolis, KS

115.5 miles: Minneapolis to Friends University (Wichita, KS)

Thankfully, I’ve been given a great engine to live this lifestyle, but I’m looking forward to getting us into the shop next week (I’m in Branson in the office for the week). I’m wired to do well with people. I love it and really thrive off interaction. I’m laid back, fairly low maintenance and spontaneous. The Lord knew I needed to be wired this way to enjoy and appreciate this job.Thanks for staying healthy thus far…let’s finish this stint out strong!

Here’s to the road,

Professional traveler


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