Letter #33: Dieting Secret

November 2, 2010

Dear Consistency,

I think you are one of the most attractive qualities I’ve ever seen in an individual. It’s easy to be our best for small periods of time. We want to lose a few pounds for bikini season…we can eat right and exercise for a month or two. However, changing our entire lifestyle to one of basic personal health is rare. We lose motivation, drive and desire. Basically, fast food, Sonic Happy Hour and cookies are too big of a temptation, and we crumble.

Maybe even a better example is the Kamp high.  We come to Kamp and live in an environment set up for success: encouragement is rampant, temptation is minimal and truth is evident. You, my friend, are easy to achieve in this setting. We leave the Kamp gates, head back to our everyday, worldly lives and find it’s easy to lose many of the disciplines we’ve added to our lives.

We are set up for failure concerning you. The world is pulling us in a thousand directions. Being finishers and people of our word isn’t valued. If a job or team we’re part of gets hard, quitting is normal and the accepted way out. Decision-making is often sporadic and the opposite of you. The world tells us individual discipline is irrelevant, but I disagree.

Small doses of you such as weight loss or excelling in the Kamp atmosphere show us we’re capable of you. We simply want you immediately, but we don’t choose to put feet to the long term changes we want to see in our lives. We settle. I settle.

I want to be different. I want my life to be defined by you…actually, by Christ with you being a defining character quality. 33 days ago, I started this blog. I committed to writing daily through my rookie year of life, and I’ve done it…I think I even passed the mark for developing a habit!

Consistently blogging and living the same life out of Kamp as I do in Kamp are two ways I’m trying to add more of you to my life. The Bible tells me to ‘discipline myself for the purpose of godliness.’ I want to wholeheartedly apply this to my life. I admit my inability to do this on my own. I need the Lord. One of my favorite verses tells me how the Lord equips me in this: “For the Lord did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline” (2 Tim. 1:7). Continue to teach me to implement more of you into my life. Allow me to be a woman of my word and of follow through.

Proving yourself through my blogging endeavors,

Striver for consistency


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