Letter #34: Wacky for Wichita

November 3, 2010

Dear Wichita,

You were a gem…a diamond in the rough. I was able to spend two days exploring you, and I was overwhelmed with all the great things about you. Big city with a small town feel. Multiple college campuses. Great shopping and restaurants-chain and local. Solid churches and people. Strong Christian presence, but far enough north to eliminate the typical Bible belt feel. My dad would be proud on this one…you have a stable housing market and vast job opportunities. To do my time spent with you justice, I probably saw the better parts of you…I wasn’t spending time in your ghettos. Nevertheless, you truly are a diamond in the rough.

Throughout my travels, I very strategically scope out and take notes on cities. I have no idea where my second season in real life is going to lead me, so I’m exploring potential options. You have moved into top five potential cities for my future (definitely a whim decision, and at this point,  I’m unsure of the other four). Heck, you’re even fairly close to my family in Oklahoma and my Alma mater, OSU.

I’m going to let pictures prove my above claims about you:

  1. Great people.
  2. Great restaurants.
  3. Multiple college campuses.
  4. The list goes on….

K-West legends who taught me a ton of the little I know about Kamp now.

Genuine friend from the Kanakuk Institute.

Old K-West staff friend from when I ran the kitchen…yes, I ran a kitchen.

Fun meal (affordable and good) at Ted’s Montana Grill with new and old friends.

Late night stop at ‘The Donut Whole‘…most eccentric establishment ever in the best way imaginable. A hidden treat in your community!

First campus visit…pretty campus, awesome things happening in community development among students and a fun drive-by picture with a pregnant Callie!

Second campus visit…Wichita State University. Had no idea you were huge…and yes I am interviewing at the score table on your basketball court! Fun people, very artsy and pretty campus and highly supportive of athletics.

And yes, another clutch score in my traveling challenge…this time, a rare Shocker track shirt! My new friend, Autumn, puts me at 8 for 12 in the traveling challenge!


Do the math…you are a great place with stellar opportunities. I have no idea what my next endeavor entails, but I’m thankful this phase of my life brought me through to experience you. I’m a fan. Regardless of my plans, I’ll be back to visit.


Keep me in mind for opportunities within your community,

Wacky for Wichita


One comment

  1. YES!!! Love it and Wichita LOVES you! You’re more than welcome to come back anytime…I have more shirts ; ) haha. Enjoy your travels and Wichita will be praying for you and your new experiences! God Bless and it was great meeting you!

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