Letter #35: Hillsboro Hero

November 4, 2010

Dear Hillsboro,

You were a quaint, little town to spend a day in. Not much in you outside of Tabor College, but you’re just a good ‘ole small Kansas town. I had a few hours of downtime upon arrival and ran through you…all of you! Neat things are happening at Tabor. I got to interview a girl who became a Christian two days ago!!

Tabor was great, but getting to see the town one of my heroes grew up in was even better. You are the home of my director at K-West, Ward Wiebe. For five summers, Ward has been my boss, leader, coach and friend. We showed up for our Kanakuk presentation at Tabor, and the Wiebe’s, Ward’s parents, were waiting for us…could Ward look anymore like his dad?!

You did a great job of raising this man. He is one of the hardest workers I know, yet he finds ways to show his family how much he values them with his time. He serves like no other. He is faithful in the little things. He leads with a humble confidence and is sensitive to the Spirit. He is a man seeking God’s heart.

I had the opportunity to travel through Tennessee with Ward, one of your natives, last week. Not only is he all of the above things, he is really fun! His mission was to make sure I had the Tennessee experience of a lifetime…he succeeded. Bantering with Ward quickly became a highlight of my week. We laughed a ton, and he has armed himself with far too many stories to blackmail me for a lifetime!

I have always respected Ward based on the way he lived his life at Kamp. After traveling with him for a week and seeing first hand the way he lives his life on a daily basis, I would follow Ward anywhere. There are not many people I’d say that about. Ward challenged me to be better in my daily life. He was more genuinely intentional with every person we came into contact with than I dreamed possible. Somehow, he is able to point every conversation to Jesus and make a person feel like a million bucks after encouraging them. I ended my week being more grateful than ever to get to work under the leadership of K-West, and it was really fun to see Ward’s old stomping grounds this week.

(old K-West counselor and small group girl and one of our kuk counselors)

You have great people coming from your town. If you’re producing people like Ward Wiebe, sign me up for meeting as many of your natives as possible!


Grateful to be under the leadership of your native,

Enjoying small Kansas more than I thought I would


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