Letter #36: EMAW!

November 5, 2010

Dear Kansas State,

You and Manhattan were WAY better than anticipated! You encompass a differently beautiful campus than most I’ve seen. To this point in my travels, almost every campus I’ve been to has had red brick. You went against the norm and built with limestone (white rock). Definitely the prettiest ‘white’ campus I’ve seen.

Aggieville was way fun! The best way to explain it is a higher class Stillwater Strip mixed with Campus Corner. It has really great restaurants, tons of bars, coffee shops, bookstores and a really fun atmosphere. I would frequent Aggieville if I lived in Manhattan! Chipotle was our stop of choice this trip…I wish Branson had one!

You’re super similar to Oklahoma State, and I didn’t realize this. Big Ag school. Same amount of students. Really just a similar feel. You have great people attending you. It was really fun to catch up with a couple old counselors and friends…hanging out with these campus climbers made me miss my college days more than any campus has. K-State, I like you.

Last order of business was finally learning what ‘EMAW’ means. I’ve wondered for a while, and after seeing my Cowboys beat you last weekend (you know I purposely wore orange) I wondered even more. These people live and breath the ‘Every Man a Wildcat’ motto. It’s almost like your version of Texas A&M ‘brainwashing’ craziness. I think it’s strange, but to each their own…I’m sure I’d love it if I had more time to embrace it!

Lastly, you contributed to my traveling challenge collection…I look better in purple than I thought could! Thanks for a great time, super solid interviews and reminiscing with old friends.

(Anna Zeiger might have the most legit sorority family line ever to exist…her triple G, Sarah Bishop, Merrell Harmon, Morgan Zwickel, Anna Zeiger, her little and G-little have all worked at Kanakuk and her GG interviewed. Eight generations is unheard of and really cool.)



Made in Manhattan…not really but could have been





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  1. and i had all 3 in my small group at one time… LEGIT TO THE MAX.

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