Letter #37: Topeka Connections

November 6, 2010

Dear Topeka,

How are you the capital of Kansas? You were definitely not my favorite city in Kansas, but you did provide reunion with friends from ALL walks of life. Not the biggest fan of your city, but a huge fan of the people.

Every week, every city and every campus, I am amazed by how small our world is and how many connections I’ve been able to make across this country. I just scrolled through the last 36 days of my life through my blog, and I have had the opportunity to see more than 80 friends through my traveling journey thus far. How is this my life and my job?!

Upon arrival, dinner at Tortilla Jack’s was first on the list of stops. Most hole in the wall restaurant I’ve probably ever seen, but decent food and my Big (from our days in Kappa Delta at OSU) and I were both able to eat A LOT for 10 bucks! I could’ve cared less about the food…I got to catch up with one of my dearest, most genuine friends in the world because my job brought me through you!

Next, you let me see one of my favorite guys from my Kanakuk Institute days and his sweet fiance! As brief as it was, it was so great to have a bit of the authentic community I had last year back in my life. Congratulations on the engagement!!!

Then, good Kamp friends from Lawrence and Kansas City made the trek to you to hang out for the night…the late night! We drove around you for a good 15 minutes and couldn’t find a restaurant…seriously, how is that even possible? We opted to go back to my hotel, settled on hot chocolate and ‘closed down the club’…i.e. my hotel room! We may have even received a noise complaint in the process! You provided a great night of laughter and challenging conversation with these two…thanks.

Lastly, you allowed me to catch up with an old small group girl. Conversation connected us two summers ago, and even better conversation reconnected us again. Not to mention, I walked away from you with an addition to my traveling challenge collection and with freshly baked cookies!

While visiting you, seeing Washburn’s campus was a treat. To see the old stomping grounds of the likes of Lindsey Himpel, Reed Howard and Garrett Love, recently elected Kansas State Representative, was quite a privilege. While you weren’t my favorite location, you did refresh and bless my soul with all sorts of great friends.


More grateful for the reunions my job creates than ever,

Connections appreciator





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