Letter #40: Things You Do for Friends

November 9, 2010

Dear Branson,

I’ve said this on more than one occasion: I’m excited about spending a WHOLE week with you! I didn’t waste a second jumping back into your scene. I will cling to the fact you are an odd place until the day I die, but this won’t change the fact I have learned to love you. Nevertheless, I am grateful you have gotten ‘more normal’ establishments lately.

My staple “I’m home from a week on the road and eating out constantly, but I still don’t have any groceries meal” has become Chili’s. I’m not really sure why, but chips, salsa and ranch alongside a quesadilla explosion salad has become my go to. I am convinced Chili’s chips and salsa is the best I’ve ever had…and the cheapest…add a little ranch every other dip, and it’s better than Justin Blackmon getting thrown into Heisman talk with Cam Newton! Blackmon’s an idiot and got arrested, but regardless, as much as I’d like to see the Heisman back at my Alma mater, Cam’s got my vote. I digress.

Friday night was highlighted by Chili’s To Go, ice cream and a whole lot of couch sitting…I haven’t been alone in 5 weeks, and I took advantage! Saturday turned into a fine day as well. Sleeping in: check. Huge OSU win: check. Dinner and reminiscing with great friends: check. Thing I hadn’t quite bargained for: attending your show, Pierce Arrow. Like I said, no time was wasted utilizing the tourist capital of the world.

You see, my dear friend, Brooke, made an impromptu visit to the Ozarks, and she LOVES Branson shows. So, we added another one to our collection of shows attended. Surprisingly entertaining coupled with a lesson learned long ago…you can have fun anywhere when you’re with friends and have a good attitude. I’d recommend it to 40+ year olds for full price and anyone younger at a discounted price. Needless to say, we obviously made the most of our experience and even chummed it up with the cast.

We headed out to one of your finest attractions next: Big Cedar Lodge (first picture: view upon arrival). Now, I’ve never stayed here (out of my league), but this place is awesome and absolutely gorgeous especially in the fall! Dinner at Devil’s Pool was more affordable than expected, excellent service and quality of food, breath-taking view, and as always great catching up with friends from the Kanakuk Institute.

The night was topped off with Blue Bell, laughter, blog and football talk and Toy Story 3 with the Carter’s who have quickly become a home away from home for me now that I live here. I can only hope to be as hospitable and generous as this family.

As strange as you are, I am more than grateful for this to be my home and to have dear friends that live here or come back here to visit,

23 and loving you more than my 60 year old parents


  1. loved this post.
    thank you.
    i feel it was necessary : )

  2. Awwwwww-is all I can say!

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