Letter #41: Dinner is Served

November 10, 2010

Dear Dinner Parties,

You have intimidated me for the majority of my life, but I have successfully conquered my fear of you (the crew is pictured below…3 attempts at our picture…not sure if any of them turned out)! You see, this is my first time to live on my own. I’ve only lived at home, in sorority land or on the island (endearing term for the Kanakuk Institute). I’ve never had the opportunity or means to host one of you. I could only show up to other people’s homes for theirs. Plus, my sisters’ have laughed at my domesticity for years, so I didn’t have much confidence in my hospitable nature.

I have officially entered a whole new level of growing up. Cooking for myself is one thing. If it’s no good, I just eat it anyway. However, cooking for other people adds a completely different pressure. The hardest part: there are 19 options of every ingredient at the store. I mean, honestly, why do we have to sift through 7 brands and 12 different cuts of tomatoes?

Considering I don’t make much money, I needed to make something that could feed a large number without breaking the bank. I chose chili, cornbread and the easiest dessert ever (line a 9×13 pan with ice cream sandwiches, cover with cool whip, sprinkle topping of choice-Reese’s would be mine-over the top). Not sure if any of this was good (of course it was to me…if you know me, I’ll eat anything), but my guests told me it was a good meal…who in their right mind would say differently though?!

As you know, for any good party, you have to have guests. Well more than a month ago these guys helped my Dad move in ALL of the furniture to my apartment. My Dad’s 60 and I’m a girl…we needed help! I promised them dinner once I returned from my traveling adventures, so they got to be my debut. Brave souls! They are at the Kanakuk Institute currently, so I also invited their classmates and my friends from K-West!

Being a girl, there is a lot of pressure to be domestic. It was funny to see the hospitable side of me come out in this setting…and shhh, don’t tell anyone, but I think I even enjoyed it! I guess this is a good thing considering it’s biblical-Rom. 12:13: “contributing to the needs of the saints, practicing hospitality.”

Fun night. Neat people. Nobody got sick…at least to my knowledge. Dinner party #1: you were a success! I hope this is the first of many!

Proving my sisters’ wrong while Mom would have been proud,

Enjoyer of hosting


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