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Letter #42: Desk Demise

November 11, 2010

Dear desk,

I loathe you. Legitimately, loathe. My legs are literally cramped up from inactivity and just sitting behind you ALL day. I’m sitting in between four white walls, longing for even a glimpse of the outdoors. You see, I have no windows. My office is in the center of the building rather than on an outside wall. I’m not complaining (ok, maybe a little bit) because I’m the low man on the totem pole…I haven’t put my time in to get a window office. Nevertheless, sitting behind you, with no windows, is a struggle.

The strange thing is, I need this week to sit behind you. I need to catch up on the 97 applications I have accumulated the last five weeks. I need to see and glean wisdom from Beth Wiebe. I need to pound out a ton of tasks that I couldn’t if I weren’t sitting behind you. Regardless, I’m struggling.

I have everything the world tells me I need at my fingertips all day long. Internet. My iPhone. Pandora. Gchat. Sitting behind you should be enjoyable. I should love getting to check my e-mail, read blogs and research Cam Newton allegations intermittently as I catch up with staff, update the K-West playbook and think through how we can better equip kampers and staff this summer. But I don’t. It’s just another example and lesson for me that the world isn’t going to fulfill me.

I’m wired to interact with people. Trail and traveling is a great fit for me. I LOVE it, and I’m already sick of sitting behind you. The perfect set up would be to have two to three hours a day where I can get organized and sit with you, then go out and be with people the rest of the time. I think this is why I like my job in the summer so much. As the scheduler, I get to be organized and have my hour or two with you, but then I get to run out and coach basketball, teach a kid to ski or go on a run (or better yet, a golf cart ride!) with K-West staff. It’s the perfect balance of people and office work.

Sitting behind you this week has taught me a few things. 1) I could never sit in a cubicle all day regardless of salary…I love my job and feel this way…what if I didn’t? 2) I can write letters to inanimate objects! 3) Although you aren’t my favorite, you are necessary for me to be able to do the people part of my job well.

I hope you’re not offended by my thoughts. You really do have great value, but personally, I can’t sit at you all day.

Let my future employers know now,

People person to the max