Letter #43: A Day in Sugarland

November 12, 2010

Dear Jennifer Nettles,

One of the most frequently asked interview questions seems to be, “If you could spend a day with a celebrity, who would it be?” I periodically think about this question and have decided more specific categories are necessary to answer. What political figure? What athlete? What spiritual leader? Currently, my answers would be George W. Bush or Rudy Giuliani, Cam Newton or Kevin Durant, and Matt Chandler or Craig Groeschel. Today, we’re highlighting your industry. You, one piece of the phenomenon duo, Sugarland, are my choice for entertainer I’d like to spend a day with!

I LOVE your music. I am known for Sugarland being a staple in my car (until I loaned my friend, Brooke, my CDs and haven’t seen them since!) and have been to two of your concerts. The first picture is from when you came to Stillwater and played at Orange Peel (in an attempt to link this, I just learned there will be no Orange Peel 2010…RIP). I couldn’t believe you were playing in Stillwater, America. I’ll never forget, we had our opening round of Football Frenzy (huge Homecoming flag football tournament). I quarterbacked our team, then rushed home to make it to the show. I can’t even remember if I showered!

(Orange Peel with my dear friend, Bria, from OSU!)

I saw you again in Tulsa two summers ago when you played with Keith Urban. I took a 2-4 (day off), drove to Tulsa, made the show and drove back to Kamp the next morning. You put on a great show! Both concerts I’ve seen have been awesome, every awards show performance is brilliant and any interview you give is genuine.

(Tulsa show…worth all 8 hours of car time during my 24 hours off!)

But, performance and talent isn’t why I pick you. I choose you because there is no way you wouldn’t be fun to hang out with. Nobody performs at the CMA’s pretending to be a ballerina half the time then breaks out into rap that isn’t a riot to be with in real life (if you haven’t seen this performance, it’s worth it…click the picture below). Long story short, you’re a great and really fun performer.

You always seem like you’re livin’ your dream and still loving every minute of it. I have no idea what you’re like in real life, but I would venture to guess you’re pretty genuine. Regardless, the way you carry yourself challenges me to evaluate whether I approach life with joy and confidence or allow all the junk of this world to taint me. You seem to be joyful, at least happy, so I choose you.

(Vanessa, friend from OSU, and I before the Tulsa show!)

If you had the chance to spend a day with someone, who would you choose? I’d love to hear your perspective.

I wish you nothing but the best. You put out a new CD…maybe Brooke can pick it up for me and make up for all the time I’ve missed jammin’ to ‘Enjoy the Ride’ and ‘Love on the Inside!’

‘I ain’t settlin,’

Huge Sugarland fan



  1. She’s awesome

  2. I totally agree!! She is soo much fun. So down-to-earth. I went to the orange peel performance, the tulsa one, and just recently to the one at the zoo-amp. I will continue to go to her concerts every time she comes to oklahoma. They are so much fun. She really knows how to make her audience have a good time!

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