Letter #48: Bargain Alert

November 17, 2010

Dear good bargains,

I’m always on a mission to find you. When I do, I like to share my finds with the world. You see, I’m frugal. I’m always looking to save a buck. Partly because I have to live this way in order to make ends meet, partly because I’ve learned the value of a dollar, hard work, saving and being able to give things away. I rarely buy things for me just because. First reason: I’m cheap. Second reason: I never know what to buy when I want to…I’m not super fashionable. Third reason: I’m slowly learning that money, things, materialism, clothes, food, Apple products, etc. aren’t what define me. I don’t need any of these things to be happy or content. I need the Lord. Sure, these things are nice. Sure, we need some of these things to survive. But, I do not want to be consumed by this world and what America tells me I have to have to be successful. I try to be ‘faithful in the little things’ in every aspect of my life, and finances are no different.

With all that being said, I found one of you on Sunday! Chris and Lauren Minor (Cushing for all you K-West people) introduced me, and I haven’t quit raving about you since. Fuddrucker’s does lunch right! I had never eaten at this place in my life, but I was impressed. Good food. Super filling. CHEAP! Here’s the secret:

  • Order a kid’s meal (they don’t care that you’re too old)
  • Includes all of this:
  • I went with the burger because they have an entire produce section to doctor it up with…fill yourself up here, trust me!

  • Every sauce imaginable is available.
  • Another secret: they have sweet potato fries upon request (Did you know sweet potatoes are one of the healthiest vegetables, if not the healthiest, according to the Mayo Clinic?).
  • Plus, you get your choice of cookie and a drink.

I got ALL of this for $3.42. (Now, I know the menu says $3.49, but I live in Branson, major tourist town, and locals get a 10% discount on top of that. Move to Branson!) This is unheard of. We can’t stop at McDonald’s for this…heck, eating lunch for less than $8 these days is doing good.

As I’m attempting to be a good steward with my money, I’m willing to look for you anywhere I go. In the process, I will share my secrets so other people can be financially sound as well. I hope to continue to find more of you along the way…for my own personal bank account, as well as for more blogging material!

Cheap and trying to be good with money,

Fuddrucker’s newest customer


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