Letter #49: Roll Tide Roll

November 18, 2010

Dear University of Alabama,

I’ve grown up watching and hearing about your football legacy. Now, I’ve experienced it.  I entered the land of Bear Bryant, Nick Saban and Mark Ingram a bit apprehensive mostly because of the Auburn influences in my life. I left you pleasantly surprised.

You see, I started this blogging journey 49 days ago, and somehow it’s become a haven for my reviews of college campuses in the midst of everything else that it is. My friend, Kalynn, made it her goal for you to get the best review…specifically for me to like you better than Auburn! She rolled out the red carpet for me!

(Click above picture to see my letter to Auburn)

One of my favorite parts of traveling is getting to towns early so I can actually experience them in the daylight. I operate in very tight windows of time, and my goal is to see and do as many ‘local’ things as possible every place I visit. I may only be in Tuscaloosa once, so I’m going to make the most of it…and we did!

I think I saw every inch of your campus from the five buildings that survived the Civil War, to your libraries with moving shelves (yes, plural and yes, it sounds like Harry Potter), to Greek row, to Bryant-Denny Stadium. You are a beautiful campus, and I really did like you more than I expected. However, you definitely have more of an ‘uppity feel’ to you, but I expected this. Best way for me to explain is this: You would be the OU of Oklahoma and Auburn would be the Oklahoma State.

You allowed me to add another event to my list of firsts…police escort into a stadium. After a failed attempt at getting in the stadium, I spotted an open gate…with two police cars hovering it. I simply walked up and asked if we could go in. Rejected. Kalynn and I were defeated…she was afraid it had ruined her sell for best campus. As I’m in mid-sentence about how I would have handled the situation, I look out the car window to see Officer Lyle strolling toward our car. I roll down the window in hopes. He decided he hadn’t done his good deed for the day and that he’d use it on us…there really are kind people in this world! Lesson learned: it never hurts to ask…no is the worst that can happen.

Now, I can watch the Alabama vs. Auburn game (announcement: I still want Auburn to win) having been in the stadium. Great moment. Grateful for Officer Lyle. Not to mention, I got to rock my new ‘Bama shirt inside the stadium! Add it to the traveling challenge!

Dinner at Dreamland was our last major Tuscaloosa moment. This joint legitimately only serves ribs with white bread. Hole in the wall. One of a kind. Perfect place to add to my traveling adventures. I’d never eat here if I lived here, but I’m glad we experienced it.

Alabama, you were good to me. You should probably hire Kalynn as a recruiter. She’s great!

Roll Tide,

Asker of awkward things, creator of great moments


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