Letter #50: Sparks for Governor

November 19, 2010

Dear Valdosta State University,

You are FAR away…like almost in Florida (note the palm trees). From Tuscaloosa to you was seven hours. Thankfully, I had Chipotle, blogging and a nap to take care of as well as a minor detour along the way. Collin Sparks is my trail boss this week. This means he makes sure things are set up at the campus we’re attending, hotels are booked, we’re on time, etc. He’s currently on a mission to win trail boss of the year (an award he has created), so we’re pulling out ALL the stops this week.

In the midst of the seven hour drive through the backwoods of Alabama and Georgia where I had no phone service for four hours, we began to spot “Sparks for Governor” signs. Since the election is over, Allen (does what I do for K-Kountry), Collin and I justified stopping to ‘clean up’ a few signs for the campaign. Little did you know, Collin Sparks (K-West legend, now K-Kountry Director) ran for governor! This feat was not only blog worthy (all my trail bosses are aware of ‘blog worthy moments’ and search for them!), but it also increased Collin’s chances toward trail boss of the year. It showed spontaneity.

After this adventure, we finally made it to your campus. Since you are nearly in Florida, you have a bit of a beachy theme to you…white building, red tile roofs and palm trees. You were actually pretty in a really unique way. You have some really great students and seem to be growing fairly quickly because several of your buildings were brand new. You were good to us, but I don’t think I’d ever choose to attend you…you’re too far in the middle of nowhere.

Lastly, everywhere in the South has Zaxby’s, but I’d never even heard of it. It’s basically a fried food haven and is supposedly famous for its’ chicken fingers. This trail through the South has not been ‘health friendly.’ By the end of it, I think my heart may stop, but I may never be to these places again. Makin’ memories one day at a time: losing days to make more memories in the process.

Overall, you were good to me. Nice people. Fine campus. Good food. That’s always a combination of success in my book. Plus, add fun people to make memories with along the way, and it’s an absolute win.

Sparks for Governor/Trail Boss of the Year,

Van dweller



  1. rockstar, zaxby’s is one of the greatest. it is a callie and callie (ulm and wallis) tradition to always get some when we headed east. love and miss you 🙂

    • Haha…I’d never even heard of it until this year…What’d I’d give to have Zaxby’s with the two of you?! Miss ya friend!

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