Letter #51: Southern, Georgia Boys

November 20, 2010

Dear University of Georgia,

I’ve seen Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee and Arkansas, and you are hands down one of my favorite SEC schools I’ve visited. I loved your campus although you were surprisingly hilly. I loved the personality and feel of the people. I loved Athens. I’m also a fan of your football coach, Mark Richt. Good man and solid believer. Plus, there are really cute, southern boys down there!

We stayed in Hotel Indigo, a new establishment in Athens. It was hands down the trendiest place I have ever seen. It took the current ‘green movement’ to a whole new level. We had to put the key in a slot to turn the lights on, then they went off when we took the key with us. It was fun to be in a different environment after staying in typical Hampton like hotels the past six weeks. Plus, I got some great decorating ideas! Collin’s moving up in his quest for trail boss of the year!

Apparently, one of your downfalls is parking, so I made a 15 minute trek through downtown and campus to get to our show location. I even got to walk down the million dollar steps (see below)! Turned out to be a great thing…got to see a portion (you’re massive) of your campus and a nice, southern, Georgia boy carried my bag the whole way. I could get used to that!


I don’t think I’ll ever get over how big SEC football is. Big 12 football is a big deal, but I have never seen stadiums the size of the stadiums I’ve seen in the South. I stand in awe every time, and the hedges of your stadium were no different. Now, if I could just get to an SEC game, I’d really understand the mammoth that you are.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed you. I’d go back to visit you in a heartbeat (K-West needs some staff from you because I knew nobody and you have good people), and I’ll be keeping up with you a bit more athletically. Maybe one day I’ll even achieve the trifecta where you get on the football field, climb to the roof of the basketball stadium and run the bases of the baseball field…but probably only if I date/marry one of your southern gentlemen!

Go Dawgs,

Your Newest Fan



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