Letter #52: The Varsity

November 21, 2010

Dear clogged arteries,

You were successfully achieved after my tour of the South this week. Zaxby’s. Dreamland. And to top it off, The Varsity. On the drive from Athens to Branson (13.5 hours), we made a stop in Atlanta at the largest drive thru in America (20+ employees work the drive thru, but there is also more seating inside than any restaurant I’ve ever seen). Apparently, this place is famous, and it had been hyped up ALL week. In no way was I disappointed except that a few days may have been taken off my life in the process.

I can’t even describe The Varsity. Upon arrival, there are literally 25+ registers open with dozens of people waiting to order. The employees don’t ask what you would like to order; instead, there is a constant asking of, “What’ll ya have, what’ll ya have, what’ll ya have?” You better be ready to order when reaching the counter or you will be chastised. After being coached by Collin and observing for a few minutes, I was ready to make my debut.

This joint is famous for their onion rings, and I now understand why. Best ones I’ve ever eaten in my life. They also contributed to achieving you with the amount of grease on them. Nevertheless, completely worth it. I also chose a hamburger as well as the famous Frosted Orange (basically an orange Dreamsicle blended up into a shake). All were great choices, but this is a place of experience more than the food. Best part may have been observing the VAST variety of customers…rich businessmen to families to college students…everybody you can imagine.

To counter balance the greasefest of the South, a stop at Jason’s Deli in Memphis was another highlight of the week. Sure, the food was great and potentially counteracted you, but more importantly, I got to hang out with the professional sorority girl herself! Kappa Delta got the best end of the deal when they hired Bria, but it means I don’t ever get to see her. Grateful my travels took me through her city so we could laugh about old college stories and catch up in real life rather than on the phone.

Needing some green in my system but loving the once in a lifetime experiences along the way,

Varsity Recommender


One comment

  1. I’ve been there more than once. It’s awesome.

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