Letter #53: Domestic Diva

November 22, 2010

Dear domesticity,

You intimidated me for years. I was the tomboy growing up. Good at sports, made people laugh, and was my Dad’s helper (he needed someone since he only had girls). I did my fair share of chores growing up, but they weren’t always the kinds that were going to help me achieve a better sense of you.

Nevertheless, I’m learning more about you everyday. I’ve conquered grocery shopping and hosting a dinner party, and now I can add assisting with a baby shower.  There is currently a baby boom happening in Branson among the Kamp community. With three already here and two on the way, it was imperative to celebrate. Since all of these women are on their 2nd, 3rd, maybe even 5th child, we did a combo shower!

(Rachel Sparks has Beckett. Melissa Houston (where I live) has Bennett. Ashley Robbins has Belle Channing. Erika Grimmer and Callie Dolloff are due in December and January. Branson’s Baby Boom of Beckett, Bennett and Belle!)

Bronwyn Rapp, one of the main hosts, graciously requested my assistance…little did she know of my lack of experience! Together, we put these cute baskets together (a ton of people chipped in money to contribute to the cause) and had a ton of fun in the process. I officially achieved craftiness and creativity! Included in the basket: the staple baby stuff such as diapers, wipes, Desitin, outfits, Target gift card, but also some treats for mom…Starbucks and Sonic gift cards, Dove chocolates, and my favorite, a bag of popcorn with a $1 bill attached with a sticky note stating “Red Box Movie Night with Baby.”

Jennifer Farley opened up her home for the event and was the other hostess. She also made the cute onesie decorations/outfits…made them. Seriously, these girls are good. These women are the definition of you, and I am lucky to simply learn from them.

Through all the preparation for the shower, I learned a few things:

  • You don’t have to be intimidating. A big part of achieving you is simply embracing the moment and doing it. And being hospitable is really the key.
  • There is more baby stuff in the world than I ever dreamed…who knew there could be 19 different types of burp rags?! It wipes up throw up…does it really matter?!
  • I think I’m going to surprise myself and my family and thoroughly enjoy hosting events as I get older (hold me to this people).

(Jennifer, Bronwyn and I)

You are fun, and it’s even more fun to celebrate with gracious friends. Thanks for the opportunities to learn more about you in my ‘rookie year of life.’

Until next time…

Domestic Diva

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