Letter #54: The 4th of ‘Who’ly

November 23, 2010

Dear Thanksgiving,

You might be my favorite holiday. This is a bold statement. Of all the holidays available, I may be choosing you. I mean, hello, you have to step into the ring to face Christmas and the 4th of July, and you’re the underdog. You’re already fighting an uphill battle…Christmas music, shopping and decor have already taken over, and you haven’t even had your time to shine.

Today, I choose to take a stand and fight for you. Today, you have a voice. Sure, Christmas has presents, lights, mistletoe and the birth of our Savior on its’ side, and the 4th of July has fireworks, summer, the lake and the mark of our freedom. But, you, Thanksgiving, have food, fall, conversation and the day set aside to thank God, who sent His Son and put leaders in position to set us free. Therefore, you are potentially responsible for your rival holidays. Did I mention that you also entail really great food?!

So, in honor of you, I am highlighting a few things I am thankful for this week. I would say the majority of people are thankful for their family, friends, health, homes, etc., but these are going to be some outside of the box appreciations (don’t get your hopes too high…if you’ve been reading at all the past 54 days, I hope you’ve learned that by now).

I’d like to begin my celebration of you with my dream job. The majority of our world hates going to work, but I look forward to it. During my days at OSU, the phrase, ‘Living the dream,’ became a common response when things were going well. Currently, this phrase sums up my life. I get to travel the country visiting kamp staff, which are really old friends, while interviewing potential staff where I get to have some of the neatest, most challenging conversations of my life, in the midst of seeing places I’d never see otherwise. Side note: my second dream job would be to work on a college campus…I’ve now seen nearly 20 schools I would never have seen otherwise. I may be exploring my next destination while ‘living the dream.’

In celebration of you, I am truly grateful for my job. It’s fun, yet challenging. I’m being mentored while getting to fly solo. Thankful for this opportunity and that you were created for the sole purpose of thanking God for letting me ‘live the dream.’

Continuing to fight for you,

Thanksgiving Advocate


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