Letter #57: Thunder Up!

November 26, 2010

Dear OKC Thunder,

To kick off potentially the greatest sports week of my life (Thunder, Dallas, Auburn, Bedlam), I attended my very first game from six rows up! You guys are fun. You also play with class, especially considering the majority of your players are younger than me. It is evident that your guys love playing together and want to succeed as a team rather than just playing for themselves. And this is a definite minor, but it was fun to see a majority of your players clean cut and not tatted up.

I’ve been a fan of you since the beginning. I’m not a die hard NBA fan, but you are my team. You singlehandedly enhanced the quality of life of an Oklahoman! Young people have more of a reason to be attracted to getting jobs here because there is more entertainment…you provide more incentive for me to move back here eventually…maybe.

You provide a really fun atmosphere and have good, reasonably priced frozen yogurt (always a key to my heart). We didn’t have a chance to eat dinner before so we also got ‘Thunderdogs.’ Literally a footlong hot dog…bad choice the night before Thanksgiving! Every timeout had some form of entertainment, which was fun, but people watching might have been my favorite form. Not only have you provided events for young professionals to attend, you’ve formed a setting for businesses to ‘schmooze’ potential customers, employees, partners, etc. Hilarious to watch all the schmoozing!

Although you lost, you were the perfect way to spend Wednesday night of Thanksgiving week! I’m thankful for my parent’s life group being willing to share their tickets with my Dad and I. Great night with great people, and now that I’ve seen you live, I’ll be ‘Thunderin’ Up’ even more!

Thunder up,

Even bigger fan of you than I was before


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