Letter #58: It’s Bedlam Baby…

November 27, 2010

Dear ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,’

Hope you don’t mind, but I changed your words to fit with Bedlam. Thanks. You’re a sport.

Twas the night before Bedlam, when all through the state

Every person was stirring, in anticipation we wait.

Respective colors of outfits laid out for the big day,

In hopes that bragging rights will be theirs to say.

Cowboys and Sooners were nestled all snug in their beds,

As visions of tackles and touchdowns danced in their heads.

While my Dad and I watch the Thunder in our sweats,

We discuss the big game as we take bets.


While in Stillwater on campus there arose such a clatter,

College Gameday arrived with Fowler and Herbstreit’s chatter.

Away to Boone Picken’s Stadium and Bedlam I flew,

After all these years a Cowboy win seems to be due.

(Senior year of college Gameday came for Bedlam!)

My Dad scored me tickets to maybe the biggest Bedlam ever;

I’m hoping the too frequent ‘Poke Choke’ we can sever.

An entire roster of guys has come together to reach 10 and 1;

I’m hoping with another win, they’ll show they’re not done.


Gundy’s been around for awhile and ain’t 40 no more;

Now he’s been nominated for the Eddie Robinson award.

Individual accolades would be great, and he could brag,

But Cowboy fans just want a win, plus Cam Newton’s already got the Heisman in the bag.

Now Gilbert! now Bailey! now Hunter, and Lemon!

On Blackmon! On McGee! On Randle and Weeden!

To the 50, the 20, the 10

Now score and pistols fire again, again and again!


Tomorrow, we play for an Oklahoma State first;

A Big XII South Championship is for what we thirst.

As we crawl into bed and think of the crimson and orange fight,

We dream, ‘Go Pokes, Beat OU,’ all through the night.


Here’s to hoping I get to witness an early Christmas present in Stillwater,

Changer of words at my convenience


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