Letter #59: Loyal and True

November 28, 2010

Dear Bedlam,

As defined by Webster, you are ‘a place, scene, or state of uproar or confusion.’ The 2010 version of you did not disappoint. 31 points scored in the last five minutes?! It doesn’t get crazier than that.

(My friend, Jolie, from college)

Boone Pickens Stadium was rockin’ for this year’s mayhem, and it was good to be back in Stillwater. Like everyone else in America, we hate OU’s ‘Boomer Sooner.’ Honestly, it’s obnoxious. Nearly every time their band played it, a song came over the PA singing, ‘Shut up, shut up…!’ Hilarious and fitting!

OSU came out dead. The offense couldn’t move the ball worth a flip, and we were lucky going into halftime only down by a touchdown. You were supposed to be an offensive battle with the defense stepping up the most coming away with the win. Well, our defense came to play (maybe the sickest interception I’ve ever seen) and our offense didn’t perform up to par.

(Amy, Jolie, Kyle-ourmarriageproject.com guy, Matt and Jeter)

Our defense kept us in the running for the win most of the game, but how do you get burned deep for touchdowns TWICE late in the game? OU literally cooked the turkey, put it on a platter and asked us to sit down and eat multiple times. We just didn’t step up and take it. We can’t throw three interceptions, never establish a run game, get burned deep TWICE for touchdowns, hand OU a touchdown after roughing the kicker and expect to beat OU. Yet, somehow we were still in the game in the end.

(My sweet Little, Mika)

At moments, you felt like my freshmen year when we played the University of Texas and Vince Young at Homecoming. They went on to go undefeated and win the national championship, but for one half we held Young and Texas and dominated. I honestly thought I was going to die in the student section that night due to the elation. Obviously, we went on to lose the game, but it was hands down my best college football memory. The energy felt a bit like that at times.

(Some of my favorite campers from K-West!)

Regardless of the loss, you were super fun. Well worth my time and great reunions with tons of friends. Tailgating is an interesting event if you really think about it. A bunch of people sit around, talk about football, eat, drink and wait for their game. It’s become a status thing too. Who has the best food, most elaborate setup or cutest outfit? It’s really fun, but when really thought about, it’s kind of weird. Nevertheless, it allowed me to see friends I planned to see and run into a ton of people along the way.

A win and trip to the Big XII championship would have been fun, but the ‘poke choke’ prevailed again. My ‘Twas the Night Before Bedlam‘ dreams didn’t come true. Sooners, neither of us played well, but you stepped up late in the game and deserved it. Congrats and good luck. Cowboys, my loyalty to you doesn’t lie within a football game. Proud of you. Fun day with great people and a solid ending to the greatest sports week of my life.

Proud and immortal, loyal and true,

Bleeder of orange regardless of the outcome



  1. Rother left out the best part of the entire football game. On Gilbert’s kickoff return for a touchdown with 3 minutes left, while everyone was going crazy in our section, Rother simply put her seat down and stood on it with arms lifted and screamed. Caitlin and I hugged each other, everyone was giving high fives and waving, and Rother was just standing on her seat, hands raised, above everything, in utter jubilation.

  2. Jolie’s comment is hilarious because I can picture it. Also, nothing can/will ever top my Justin Gilbert kick return celebration. You need to ask Brett Myles about it, I think he thought I was gonna die.

    PS – email me that pic please!

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