Letter #60: ‘Holidayed’ These Suckers Up…

November 29, 2010

Dear Christmas season,

I have decided you are a lot of work. The older I get the more I realize how much time and energy goes into you. You’re still a great time of year, but I think you are going to be more work than ever now that I’m in my ‘rookie season of the real world.’

At a young age, my parents began to instill some great principles in my life. Mom’s giving nature has shown me the importance of honoring people and living generously…I at least try to. Dad’s work ethic and frugal nature have taught me to be aware financially and save…so I try this as well. Contradicting? Kind of. Do my parents butt heads in these areas? Sometimes. However, I honestly believe both are valuable, so I’m thankful I’ve gotten to see both done well. Now the trick is finding the balance of the two.

This year, I’m going to try to do this more than ever. I’m financially independent on a minimal salary. I’m not hurting by any means, but you create a ton of added expenses from my normal budget. I must be wise in my finances, but I also want to generously give to the people who bless me constantly.

To be successful in you, creativity, forethought and persuasion were vital. You see, my family has a small tradition of making famous candies during you. They’re called Texas Millionaires, basically Turtles, and they are dang good. However, they’re a pretty big time commitment. So, knowing the weight these hold with people and my predicament, I called ‘Mama Roth’ up last week and offered to be her right hand woman IF we made them Black Friday (I had Bedlam and tailgating to do on Saturday) and IF I could take some back to Shady B for gifts. My gracious Mom agreed, and I contributed to the cost of ingredients.

It worked out perfectly. Mom and I got quality hang time… (if any of you know ‘Mama Roth,’ she’s awesome and one of the funniest people alive) conversation included: my future (job, city and of course mate), football, sex (hilarious), God, church, people (I think I just admitted to gossip?!), and tons more. Basically, we solved the world’s problems. Six or seven hours and six batches (nearly 400 Millionaires) later, we were exhausted. Thankfully for my sanity, the Iron Bowl and Cam Newton were on for the majority of the time…what a game!

I got special permission from Mama Roth to put this recipe on the blog…this is a big deal…take advantage.


Texas Millionaires

1 pkg. caramel candy     2 tbsps. water     9 3/4 oz. Hershey chocolate bars

2 tbsps. butter     3 cups pecan halves     1/3 of a 1/4 lb. block of paraffin wax

Unwrap caramels…this is a great kid job. I did this while watching Christmas movies my entire childhood.

Melt caramel, butter and water in double boiler (we started using a fondue pot…way easier).

Mix in nut halves. Add more nuts if there seems to be more caramel to use. Drop by tbsps. on buttered tray to cool.

Mix in double boiler (fondue pot) the chocolate bars until melted. Add paraffin (it makes the chocolate hold…yes, you will eat wax and enjoy it!) and mix until smooth.

Dip caramel patties into chocolate.

Place on waxed paper. They will freeze well.

And greatness is achieved! I ‘holidayed’ these suckers up in Christmas decor, and now I have Christmas gifts to give away. Dang, I just ratted myself out…oh well, thankfully my blog isn’t Pioneer Woman level….yet.

While you present great obstacles, you also present room for creativity and ways to show people I really care. At 23, I’m beginning to realize the sacrifices people make every year during you and for that I am grateful.

Black Friday is for baking,

Daughter of contradicting parents and thankful for it

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