Letter # 62: Happy Anniversary to Me?!

December 1, 2010

Dear December,

How on earth are you here already? This semester (can I still operate in semesters post college?!), has flown by. I guess that happens when I travel seven of the past 12 weeks. You not only brought in a new month, you let winter actually begin as well. It is dang cold in Shady B!

I don’t have the opportunity to celebrate anniversaries too often, but today, you open up the door for two celebrations. (Mom and everyone else, no I have not found my dream guy…yet.) Today marks my three month big kid, job anniversary and two months of blogging! I know, I know, anniversaries are supposed to be celebrated for relationships, but I say, why wait to have celebrations when I can have my own now?!

These are HUGE steps in my world. I’ve never had a big kid job for this long…well, I’ve never had a big kid job before, and I don’t think I’ve ever done anything for two consecutive months. Not to mention, being able to achieve both of these things simultaneously is feat in and of itself. Blogging is basically a full-time job…(if you keep reading and spread the love of Letters for Lindsay, it could be my full-time job. I’m just waiting for my big break! Kidding. People paying me for my life and my thoughts?! In my dreams. They’d be crazy, but you can still keep reading!).

So, today, I’m excited about you. I live in Branson, so it’s not like Christmas decorations and music mark your arrival today. All that’s been happening since Halloween…literally. Regardless, you are officially here now and bring Christmas season with you. But, you bring anniversaries, at least in my world, as well. Thanks for showing up for another year, and I look forward to celebrating you all month long.

Thankful for my job…all 3 months of it, committed to my blog…all 2 months of it,

Made-up Anniversary Celebrator



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