Letter #64: The KU Liberals

December 3, 2010

Dear KU,

You are the first to receive two letters in this journey (here’s the first). Congratulations! You see, I wasn’t scheduled to interview your students because I was on another trail. So, a few weeks ago the Dolloff’s and I stopped on our way back to Branson for me to at least see you, but you had such a solid turnout my presence was requested the last minute. For this, I am glad.

I am a fan of you. I’ll be honest. Your campus isn’t the prettiest, but it’s unique. I’m not sure I saw one building that matched, yet I still really liked your campus. I’m still confused why on earth you are so hilly when you’re in the middle of Kansas, the flattest state and I’m from Oklahoma. However, I think your hills contribute to the unique beauty of campus. It gives things a tiered look and enhances your character. Now, if I had to walk your hills to class everyday, I might be a bit more frustrated with them!

(Nicole, Erin and Sammy: K-West friends at Papa Kenos)

The most interesting part of you wasn’t your look though. I’ve heard about the ‘liberalness’ of you for years, but I had never experienced it. I now understand what people mean when they say this. For example, Douglas County is the only county in the entire state of Kansas that consistently votes Democrat. This isn’t bad, it just gives a bit of perspective. Lawrence is not the Bible belt in my opinion.

Your students are awesome, but as far as lifestyle goes, there isn’t much middle ground. People are either sold out for the Lord and growing, or they are doing, thinking and living a lifestyle far from biblical truths without even trying to fit the role of church kid. At Oklahoma State, everybody’s a ‘Christian.’ This is very far from true, but to some degree it’s expected of people. You offer a very different culture, and maybe the most blatant depiction I’ve seen on a campus of lukewarm not being the norm. I greatly appreciate honesty, so I thoroughly enjoyed the culture of your campus.

(Libby and J.D.! Twins?! Nope, just K-West siblings!)

(KU Christmas with Lindie: old school K-West friend…Nanu for life!)

You were a quick trip, but I got to see and do everything I wanted and more. Dinner with K-West friends at Papa Kenos. More Wiebe time outside of what I get in Branson. A trip down Mass. Street…maybe my favorite part of Lawrence. Quality time with Zach and Kayla, my big from college (forgot to take our pic). Lunch in the midst of 11 interviews with an old K-West friend. Winning/rigging a shirt in the Union to add to my traveling challenge! Awesome and challenging conversations. All topped of with a trip back to Shady B with Callie Dolloff…we laughed that neither one of us would have ever dreamed we’d work for the same company and travel together (we grew up in Lawton together, and she’s five years older than me). God is good, and our world is small.


Appreciator of the culture of your campus


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