Letter #65: Tracking My Travels

December 4, 2010

Dear personal odometer,

10 states. 8,119.7 miles. 125 interviews. My traveling adventures have come to an end until after the holidays, and you get a break. You and I have been burning both ends of the candlestick this semester, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I guessed we broke 7,000 miles, but I never dreamed 8,000. You’ve taken me on some memorable adventures this semester (yes, I’m out of college and still operate in semesters) and allowed me to visit friends I’d never have seen otherwise. Thanks for withstanding the wear and tear I’ve put on you and for getting me to and fro safely.

Adding 2,587.4 miles in my last two weeks of travel put us at about 230 miles a day. Looking at it from this perspective, I am thankful for being able to stretch out in the 15 passenger and for typically traveling with males who always want to drive!

508 miles: Branson-Birmingham (family show)

58.6 miles: Birmingham-University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa)

347.5 miles: Bama-Valdosta State University (Valdosta, GA)

241 miles: Valdosta-University of Georgia (Athens)

722.9 miles: Athens-Branson

(816.4 miles: Branson-home for Thanksgiving *not counted in personal odometer)

148.2 miles: Branson-Southwest Baptist University and back

83 miles: Branson-Missouri State University and back

478.2miles: Branson-University of Kansas (Lawrence) and back

Just because you get a few weeks of rest doesn’t mean I do. The holidays are in full force, and stability means I must start to think through them. Christmas shopping must commence…growing up means the holidays aren’t all about me anymore. Being gone for seven weeks means my Branson life is in disarray. Operation get organized begins today…groceries, cleaning, Christmas gifts, rebuilding local relationships…growing up sounds fun right?! Thankful for the opportunity to regroup.

Enjoy your time off,

Grateful Traveler of the United States


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