Letter #67: Bargain Alert #2

December 6, 2010

Dear good bargains,

I’ve found you again (here’s the first), only this time I stumbled upon you myself! As the holidays near, we all know our wallets are a little tighter so we can buy gifts for our family and friends, at least mine is. So, finding ways to cut expenses is always beneficial. Plus, I’m cheap and am always looking for you.

After church yesterday, I had to get groceries. Not wanting to make two stops and waking up later than anticipated which resulted in no breakfast meant I needed to get creative. Country Mart has become my store of choice, and I’ve always noticed a restaurant area near their deli. Today, I decided to explore it.

The exploration ended in sweet results!! Salad bar with great toppings, all sorts of meats and sides, fountain drinks. I strolled over with my shopping cart , made my dream salad and put it on the scale. $2.07 later, yes that’s right, lunch for $2.07, I finished my shopping and was on my way.

Healthy. Cheap. Filling. Easy location. I got Jason’s Deli quality at a poor man’s price. I’ll be the first to say, I was skeptical. However, this is an option that cannot be passed up. I’ll be returning to the Country Mart Deli for meals from time to time. Check out the delis of local grocery stores to find your own deals.

Continuing to find and share you,

Bargain prowler



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