Letter #69: O’ Christmas Tree…

December 8, 2010

Dear holiday decor,

Well, according to this picture, you’ve arrived at my APT (I think this is my new, official name for the Houston’s basement apartment)!! I know, it’s not your finest, but I’m a cheap, poor, newly on my own decorator and this is all I have. No, I’m not looking for a pity party. My Mom offered to send me back with some of our old decorations. I turned them down because I didn’t want to deal with a bunch of junk for just a couple weeks…I’m not a Scrooge, you just aren’t on the top of my priorities.

I was simply going to enjoy you vicariously through the Houston’s (family whose house I live at), but those plans were changed. The Kanakuk Women’s Director Christmas party was yesterday. Great fellowship, fun community and hysterical laughter, but a game of white elephant was a highlight. In the end, I landed a nice, red crockpot that is assisting in my acquisition of necessary kitchen appliances along with a block of Velveeta and Rotel….cheese dip party at the APT! One of them ended up with what is now my tree, didn’t really want it, heard my offhand comment about not having a tree, and gave it to me! The gifts beneath it will be delivered today and were part of my ‘holidayed up‘ mission. Lesson learned: make comments at opportune times…you might get free stuff!

Truth: My tree is ghetto. However, I love how small it is and how I ended up with it. You are a microcosm to my life. Sure, according to the world, I should have a 6 ft. pre-lit, fully decorated tree just like my parents. We expect to drive the same car, live in the same size house and have the same tree that our parents have worked 30 years for. This year, you represent my life. This is the humble state I need to live in. I haven’t worked 30 years to get where my parents are. I just started saving, investing and giving and one day I’ll have a ‘normal’ tree, but today I’m not allowing my sense of entitlement win.

I’m grateful for the lesson of entitlement you taught me. I don’t just deserve things because that’s how I grew up. Little by little, I must start small and work toward the things I want to obtain. It won’t just be handed to me.

Trying to rid self of entitlement….

The APT Tenant



One comment

  1. Lindsay~ I think your tree is BEAUTIFUL! Do not let size get you down, its about what is important and special to you, but sounds like you have that one figured out 🙂 So glad you got a crockpot to host little fiestas and so glad you have a tree to bring in some holiday cheer! Love you tons and miss you terribly!!!

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