Letter #71: Grocery Store Dating

December 10, 2010

Dear grocery stores,

I have learned a great deal about you in my rookie season.

  • You’re expensive…I bet my parents were thankful for all girls; boys would’ve eaten their bank account away (Rapp’s: start saving now!).
  • There are 19 options when trying to buy one item…garlic salt, powder, cloves: I’m not even sure I like garlic.
  • You’re a great people watching venue.

This week, you stepped into an entirely new realm: potential dating pool. I stopped by to pick up a few ingredients wearing sweats; ended up getting hit on while shopping. As I’m in the middle of this situation, the only thing that comes to mind is, “Lindsay, this is your new normal.” Sounds like I get hit on every time I visit you. Not the case, but it did dawn on me that I will never again be surrounded by people my age and in the same life stage. Meeting a guy will never simply mean attending class, walking through campus or going to a date party again. This is my new normal.

I’m not saying I’m going to meet my future husband at one of your locations, but I am saying I have to retrain my thinking to be open to the possibility. Dating has taken on a facelift. If I’m not open to random possibilities, then I’m screwed in this department because I interact with a bunch of married people at the office and college students on the road.

Today, I’m beginning to retrain my thinking. No, I will not be on the prowl when I’m picking up milk and lunch meat, but I won’t be closed off either. I’m 23 and still in the dating game…the playing field has just changed. Who am I to say I can’t meet a great guy at Target or Country Mart?!

Opening up my eyes to new possibilities,

Content, but open-minded shopper



  1. If I were you, and had a choice, I’d be more excited about the guy in target than country mart.

    But my real question is this: what line did the guy from this post use when he hit on you?

    • Hahah…well Nate, I’m sure you’re looking for a new line…here you go….he was VERY interested in what I was cooking and told me about his cooking skills! Good luck!

  2. please tell me you got hit on by the meat counter guy at sunfest…

    i have to tell you the stories about him…

  3. I literally just died laughing… What have our 20 something lives come to?! Countrymart and target… Oh heavens I better stop traipsing around town in my sweat pants and no makeup. Thx for the headsup Roth!!!! Much love for a sista!!

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