Letter #72: Winter Wonderland

December 11, 2010

Dear Kanakuk Christmas party,

You were fun and one of the most intricately decorated events I’ve ever attended. Your decorations were unbelievable (Institute friends: this is Kauai…the Island turned Winter Wonderland). I felt as if I was at an impressive winter wedding reception rather than a company Christmas party. Real trees painted white and laced with lights. Tulle, snowflakes and lights strung from above producing a canopy of snow. Quaint table decor providing an intimate, yet conversational setting. Then, add the stellar group of people in attendance (employees of K-Life, KAA, Kanakuk, Afterdark, Institute, etc.), and a great dynamic was set for you to begin.

(Interns for life…hopefully not, but for now it’ll do! Allen and Kara.)

As alway, the food was unbelievable. Everyone was asked to bring some sort of dish…my department: side dish/vegetable. Announcement: drumroll please…….my dish was gone before I ever even made it through the line! Ramen salad and my cooking abilities have reached new heights!

(Bronwyn Rapp…my Branson home away from home)

Most difficult part of you: deciding attire. The directions of business casual were given, but I was told people would wear everything from jeans to formals. I hate fashion decisions normally, and I really hate making them with inadequate information. We all know I’m too cheap to buy a new dress, so I was working within my closet parameters. I went with the safe choice of a simple black dress. Besides documentation via pictures, I bet nobody remembers what anyone was wearing, yet I still fret every single time a big event comes about…and I’m pretty low key about things like this. Yet again, my materialism and fear of man prevail.

(Institute friends who work there now: Caroline, Joel, Laura, Joy!)

The night ended with an inspirational talk from Joe White himself. One of the best I’ve heard him give. Always fun to hear his heart and see his love for people, the Lord and for people to love the Lord. Two dogs were raffled away…thank the Lord the Houston’s don’t have a dog…I’m a lover of people, not so much animals. Upon dismissal, we headed to your After Party…details coming tomorrow.

You were a great time. Far better than expected. Thanks for letting such a neat group of people come together on your behalf.

Until we meet again…if we ever do,

Christmas party fan


One comment

  1. Lindsay, to join the ranks of your mom (and since I am kind of your Branson mom), just wanted to make you aware that “tool” is actually spelled “tulle.” Unless of course you meant that there were hammers, screwdrivers and saws hanging from the ceiling at the Christmas party.

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