Letter #73: Closin’ Down the Klub

December 12, 2010

Dear Kanakuk Christmas After Party,

You made me feel like I was in college again. After main event festivities ceased at the snow covered island, we headed to Chateau on the Lake for more fun. I felt a bit like I was going to a date party the whole night…minus having a date (much to Bronwyn and Ward’s dissatisfaction). Getting dressed up, heels (hate them…forever and always…kill my feet and make me tower over people all the more), good food, fun decorations, but leaving is what really topped it off. A shuttle was waiting to take us to the parking lot (biggest downfall of the Institute: Kauai’s lot is a trek away). Flashbacks to college and being bussed to date parties ensued immediately (Hey lode lode lode…). However, this ride and my company were much more calm than my college days.

The Chateau was beautiful, and you were fun. The majority of the ‘young,’ Branson population attended, so it was fun to make new and build on old friendships. We conversed in the bar, yes, you heard right, the bar, for the evening and topped the night off with a round of Shirley Temples…I forgot how much I love those!

Exploration of the Chateau was imperative…Lord knows, I can’t afford to ever stay there. What did we stumble upon?! None other than the biggest gingerbread houses I’ve ever seen. You opened up my eyes to my newest career pursuit. Gingerbread house maker. Possible to do this year round rather than just seasonally?!

You ended an already fun night on a high note. I’m continually thankful for my community in Branson, America. Seven weeks of traveling created a great deal of instability in my Branson life. You allowed me to realize just how many neat, young, unmarried people there are around here. Plus, how often can the words Kanakuk and after party be paired?!

Looking forward to developing more stable friendships here,

DJ CDTC (Closin’ down the club-maybe I’ll explain this later on, but in this case it needs to be the Klub)



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