Letter #74: ‘Insane’ Consistency

December 13, 2010

Dear consistency,

You are my second subject now to get two letters written to you. I’ve already told you once, but I’ll tell you again. You are the most attractive quality in a person, and I strive to embody you. After a month, literally, of thinking through and praying about it, I began blogging daily. For 74 days, I have exercised more of you in my life than ever before.

You have inspired me. After another month of thinking (this blog has allowed/forced me to do a lot of this lately), I’m adding a new element of you in my life. Today, I begin a two month commitment. Today, I embark upon the new workout fad, Insanity.

You see, I enjoy working out, but my recent seven weeks of traveling have created a bit of a hiatus in this department. It’s time to get back into the workout game. Why Insanity? I like it’s claim to putting me in the ‘best shape of my life.’ I’ve heard it’s really hard, and I love a challenge. I can do it without ever leaving home. I’ve been avoiding the gym for multiple reasons: I’m too cheap to pay for a membership, and I can work out at K-Kauai for free except it involves a 10 minute walk in the cold…not happening. So, Insanity is the perfect fit.

I’ve been wired to function well when you’re in place in my life. To be honest, I think this may be true for all of us. I borrowed the entire Insanity collection from K-2. It includes a two month schedule cycling DVDs. I will stick to it exactly and see what happens after two months. I’m even going to keep track of my results…all will be spared of those weird before and after pictures.

All of this being said, I write you today to thank you for proving yourself necessary in my life. Thanks for allowing me to see your value at a young age. Now, I need your help in sticking to yet another commitment. Teach me to embrace you in every area of my life. Each day, I know people are reading my blog (shocking, I know), which is built in accountability. I need accountability in this endeavor as well. Now that I’ve made this commitment public, hold me accountable people, and have all the women of the Houston household embarking on this ‘insane’ journey with me, you will be achieved. Just like Einstein said, I will be “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

Here’s to the next two months,

Seeker of being in the ‘best shape of my life



  1. oh my word… i can hardly wait for your commentary on said endeavor… i quit p90 after 1 week cuz my knees were skinned from so many pushups. no thank youuuu!!! miss u roth!

    • I’m looking forward to my commentary as well…and to my death. Just the fit test this morning was hard!

  2. Good luck! We purchased the DVD’s awhile back as well. We did it for several weeks, but then I hurt my foot and had to stop. Ryan did it much longer, and Kristi even did it when she lived with us. It is SO hard! I almost died during the fit test too! Ryan started doing them again, and I might start after the holidays 🙂

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