Letter #76: …The Rest of the Story!

December 15, 2010

…(The rest of yesterday’s letter. Text received from Dana: Did you need an extra day to think of nice things to say about Ryan and I, or do we just get our own post?!…this explains my family better than I can!…also, please note the above picture: our Christmas card picture from 2009…Rother’s Divided!…Dad in an OU hat and OSU shirt!)…

Middle of the Rother’s comes next. Dana’s my take charge, lead by example, marketing director of Cancer Treatment Centers of America sister who has the ability to make anything imaginable happen. We butted heads more than anyone growing up, but once she moved out, we quickly became closer than ever. She’s always editing my resume, looking out for my future and making sure I’m up-to-date with the latest fashions. She married her high school sweetheart as well(yeah, clearly this isn’t in the cards for me) two years ago. Ryan’s my handyman, builder of very large buildings brother-in-law. Thankful to have two brothers now since I didn’t get any growing up! I love that they live in between Branson and Edmond, so I get to see them often on trips home.

Last, but certainly not least, the baby herself, yours truly! I’m definitely not a baby anymore with all the bills I’m paying, dinners I’m cooking and decisions I’m making, but I’ll ALWAYS be the baby to some degree to these people! If you’ve been reading this endeavor of mine in the least, you already know far too much about me, so I’ll spare you the details right now. Long story short, I try to live my life by this principle: Love God; love people; laugh a lot.

(Dana’s wedding, July 2008)

These are some of the most important people in the world to me. This is who loved, disciplined, fed, shared with, fought with, taught, played with and guided me. This is who loves me unconditionally. This is my support system.

I’m glad you were able to see a bit more into my world and meet my loved ones (where do you think my good looks come from?!). If nothing else, you got to see some fun pictures, and you can at least visualize who I’m talking about from time to time when I share a ridiculous story. These people keep me on my toes, challenge me, never cease to amaze me and will make great blog posts. Glad you could meet, and I hope you have some sort of support system in your world. I realize mine is a blessing. It’s probably not even today’s normal. Regardless, we all need to be loved and valued. We need people to look up to and respect, to pray for us, to call just because, to listen when you have nothing of importance to say, to understand why you’re sad when nobody else understands. We need people. Yours might not look like mine, but find one. Today, I pray for your (my readers’) family relations, for your support system, whatever it might look like.

Thanks for peering into my world,

Dreamer of holiday memories with my family (three more days!)


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  1. Thanks for the post!

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