Letter #79: Home for Christmas

December 18, 2010

Dear home,

I’ve made it to you for Christmas, and the only way my welcoming could have been better is if there was a hardworking, Jesus-loving, TALL guy waiting for me under the mistletoe! I got the next best thing…welcome party from my adorable nephews filled with huge hugs and kisses!

You are ready for Christmas! So much for my measly ole’ Christmas tree in Branson, I’m with you now and you are the real deal! Mom has obviously been hard at work getting you ready for the holidays, and I LOVE it!

You are filled with old school decor from my childhood such as the outdoor nativity scene and lights…I would like to remind you of the work my sisters and I put in to making those lights white, and in my opinion, they look dang good!…as well as new additions since we moved from Lawton to Edmond: a taller tree, handmade nativity I picked up while in Jerusalem and a trendy table setting. I love the combination of old and new within you.

Now to the stockings hung by your chimney. There are currently nine hanging: Dad, Mom, Jamie, Chad, Kaedyn, Paxton, Dana, Ryan and myself. Never fear, Mom has bought extra for more kids (Dana, Ryan, I think this is directed at you!) and has informed me there is one for my eventual husband. I mean, really, my family is ridiculous and never ceases to amaze me!


I love the holiday decor you have going on this season. It’s good to be with you for awhile. Thanks for letting me give a glimpse into you this Christmas season!


Looking forward to home-cooking, good family time and hilarious stories,

Appreciator of the song “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” more than ever



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