Letter #81: Massive Holidays

December 20, 2010

Dear Christmas time,

It wouldn’t be you without a Brueggen and a Rother Christmas bash. My weekend was filled with extended family time, ruthless Dirty Santa games, a truckload of good food (Insanity was ROUGH today!) and great memories.

(Snack/Dessert area of Brueggen Christmas)

You see, my ENTIRE extended family still gets together to celebrate. My sisters and I always look forward to getting to catch up with everyone and I, of course, to the delightful specialty dishes each of my aunts and cousins bring!

(Perfect summation of what our buffet line looks like-hands ALL in)

Saturday, we were able to hang out with my Mom’s family at Jamie’s, my oldest sister, new house. A few highlights: walking away with a sweet, new, Fossil necklace from Dirty Santa; Chad made the turkey, dressing and gravy for the event, and Jamie was a stellar host; we played a game, a multiple choice questionnaire about the birth of Christ, and I won (I was quickly reminded that I had attended Bible school-The Kanakuk Institute; I quickly reminded them that every Okarche native in the room had attended Catholic school growing up, so I was at no advantage); Jeff, Lauren and I’s dating lives were all the topic of conversation at some point during the day (guys, we don’t stand a chance!).

(My sweet Mom and Dad!)

(The hostesses and chefs: Chad and Jamie)

(The butcher: Ryan)

(My Grandma Rother and Grandma Brueggen)

(Cousins and friends: Lauren, Kristi and Jeff)

Sunday, droves and droves of people rolled into the Okarche basketball gym…yes, we have SO many people, we have to hold Christmas in a gym! I think this year’s count was 75+…my Dad is the oldest of nine if that helps with the math. Highlights: the newest family picture seen below; a visit from Santa, and of course, I had to sit on his lap; taking a gift that you want to Dirty Santa and walking a way with it (this is the trick: you always have hope when you know there is at least one thing in the pile you could use); eating at the kid’s table until marriage…Caitlin, Carley, Randi, Katie, Josh, (Jenny-if you choose not to bail again!)…looking forward to more holiday meals with you!

(The Rother clan minus at least 11 that I can think of!)

(The masses watching Santa and the kids!)

(Oh hey Santa! Quote while on his lap: “Santa likes this!” Explains my laughter!)

(Sweet Paxton!)

(Cousins and friends: Caitlin and Jenny)

I have been blessed with a pretty neat family. Not often do you see immediate family get along let alone this much extended family. It’s always a treat to get to spend time, catch up and laugh with these people. So, Christmas time, here is part of why I like you so much.

Here’s to a great weekend,

Lover of holidays


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